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How To Fade Out Music on Garageband? – An Easy Guide


How To Fade Out Music On Garageband? Fading effects can have multiple purposes. Radio jockeys generally use the fade-out feature to eliminate “dead airing.” This happens when there’s silence between songs or while they are conversing.

In this article, we will discuss how to fade out music on GarageBand.

How to Fade Out Music on GarageBand?

Basically, there are two methods for fading out songs on GarageBand. The first one entails using the automatic fading out effect, whereas the other method involves automation. Both these methods offer similar outcomes. However, there are a few major differences.

Before we move ahead, make sure you have the app downloaded on your iOS device or Mac. In this blog, we are going to use GarageBand for iOS.

Method #1 – Automatic Music Fade-Out

The app has an in-built option for fading out that eases fading out of music. Here are the steps you need to follow to add this effect to your song:

  1. Open your track from the Home Screen and ensure you view it in the Mixer Window.
  2. Click on Settings at the top right corner and choose Song Settings.
  3. Move down to the option Fade Out and switch it on.
  4. Press Done.

This option to fade-out music doesn’t offer a high degree of control. It works as a master song and incorporates fading-out effects on all the song channels. This way, you cannot select individual tracks that are going to acquire the effect.

Music producer in Garageband fades out

Moreover, you also cannot change the settings of the way the music fades out. This means it is going to automatically choose a point from where the fading out effect is going to begin, along with the speed and intensity of the volume decrease.

All in all, the automatic music fade-out is a great method for fading out music on shorter songs or edits that have fewer tracks, as a lot of audio won’t be lost. It is also perfect for individuals who are not too picky out tailoring the fade-outs.

Method #2 – Use Automation

This method offers you excellent control over a song’s volume. You can use it for separate songs and decide precisely where you wish the volume to change. Here is how you can use this tool:

  1. Open the song from the Home Screen, and as we mentioned earlier, view it in the Mixer Window.
  2. Search the bar on the left that shows all your instrument and move it to the right. This is going to open a few of the tools and setting for every song.
  3. On the left, you are going to notice the Speaker icon. Simply tap on it to mute the song.
  4. The Headphone icon is going to single out the lyrics of the song, basically muting all other sounds that do not have the icon chosen.
  5. In addition, there’s a Volume Slider. This allows you to control the primary output volume on every separate track.
  6. Then, from the Settings menu, make sure that the automatic Fade-Out effect is turned off.
  7. In the left bar, tap the Instrument Icon. This is going to open a menu showcasing multiple features and options.
  8. Choose Automation. This is going to expand all the songs to offer a clearer volume display, which is presently shown with a grey line. The song on which you are about to use automation is going to be highlighted in green.
  9. On the top left, you will see a Lock and a Pencil. Drag (don’t tap) the Pencil above the Lock. By doing so, you will unlock the volume point tool. Through volume points, you can easily change the volume.
  10. Go right to the end of the song and press the volume line (this is now going to be in yellow). You will notice that a dot appears on the line.
  11. Solo the song using the Headphones icon and then tap Playback at the top of the window to decide when you want the song to begin fading out. Tap on the line to add another volume point there. Now, there’ll be two dots. Just tap on a dot to eliminate it.
  12. Identify the volume point right at the end of the volume line and move it down.
  13. Press the Done option that appears at the top right of the screen.

Fading Out Music Made Simple With GarageBand

Fading out music is a basic yet impactful editing method that many producers and musicians are going to utilize at some point or the other. GarageBand eases the process and allows you to get the job done quickly on your Mac or iOS device.