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How to Get Inspiration for Music Production? Here’s the Secret Sauce

How to Get Inspiration for Music Production

How to Get Inspiration for Music Production? Every musician or music producer eventually reaches a creative roadblock at some point. This problem can feel both demotivating and neverending. However, don’t throw in the towel just yet! This is because there are plenty of ways to find inspiration and relight that creative spark.

The right inspiration will help you bounce back and be ready to produce in no time. So let’s look at how to get inspiration for music production.

1. Observe Other Producers

One of the best ways to find music production inspiration is to simply observe other producers. Consider spending some time with other producers you know in real life and watch their composition and production processes.

Being close to others who share a passion for music is a great way to get involved with the creation process. You can discuss the different tips and techniques you use and learn from one another. Creative people feed off each others’ energy, so the best place to be during a mental block is with someone who exudes musical talent.

2. Watch Youtube Tutorials

Another great way to find inspiration is to watch music production tutorials on Youtube. There is no shortage of great music-related content on the video platform these days. You can find videos of producers experimenting with different techniques, or simply tinkering with various pieces of equipment or plug-ins.

Our personal favorite channel for finding inspiration is Andrew Huang, but there are dozens of great channels that focus on musical discoveries and production techniques.

You may feel inspired to try some of these techniques yourself and incorporate them into your workflow. So consider logging onto Youtube and learning what other producers and musicians are doing.

3. Explore New Music

The best music producers tend to be music-nerds. They often possess hundreds if not thousands of records and are always exploring new music. If you want to follow their example, consider visiting a record store and digging through the crates. You may find obscure records from artists you have never heard of. Similarly, you might stumble onto an interesting album from a music genre you are unfamiliar with.

Exploring music in this manner can be a fun experience that also expands your musical knowledge. You can then take these new influences and apply them in your music production.

If you want to avoid purchasing new music, you can always expand your musical horizons by stumbling through different artists and albums on Youtube or Spotify. The music exploration possibilities are endless in the digital era.

4. Get New Equipment

If you’d rather seek inspiration in the form of purchases, consider getting more equipment. Plenty of musicians and producers beat writer’s block by purchasing a new instrument or plug-in. This strategy is great if you have extra money to throw around.

Consider visiting a music store and trying out the different instruments on display. A particularly strange-sounding synthesizer or a stringed instrument from the Middle East might just be what you have been looking for.

Similarly, you can download or purchase new plug-ins for your DAW. There is no shortage of cool and inventive plug-ins to try in the digital era. Each of these offers new sound capabilities, so consider loading up a new plug-in and learning what it can do.

5. Read Up on Tips

Some music producers feel they have hit a roadblock when they can’t think of any new or novel production techniques to try out. This is usually untrue, as there are hundreds of different things you have yet to try. Consider picking up a book on music production techniques and seeing what new tips or techniques you can experiment with.

Music producer Brian Eno came up with an especially useful card-based method for finding inspiration. It consists of a set of dozens of cards that offer insightful and intuitive ideas that can be applied to music production. You can access an online version of these “Oblique Strategies” here. Refreshing the page displays a new strategy each time, so consider bookmarking the page and consulting it each time you need inspiration during the music production process.

Keeping the Music Production Spirit Alive

Finding inspiration may not seem easy at first, but there are plenty of resources to turn to in the digital era. The above list are just a few of the many ways you can relight that creative spark. So get out there and discover your true potential!

How to Get Inspiration for Music Production