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How to Identify Background Music in a Video?

Identifying background music in a video

How to Identify Background Music in a Video?

Background music can be used to guide viewers’ thoughts and emotions. It can also give them a sense of where the video is set.

Some songs, such as “Fields of Gold” and “Hallelujah,” have been used so often in the background of various videos that they’re almost iconic.

Background music is the music that is played in the background of a video. There are many ways to identify it, including looking for sheet music, using metadata tags, and even looking at the average sound level.

In this article, we will discuss on how you can identify and get the name of the song that is played in the background of any video.

Analysing the background music

Some videos use background instrumental music as a stand-alone feature that provides a sense of mood and meaning without the need for dialogue or other visual elements. Other videos may have sound effects in the foreground but keep the background instrumental music playing in the background.

On the other hand, background music with lyrics in videos is a relatively new phenomenon. It is a type of content that illustrates the mood and feel of a song from the lyrics to the visuals.

It’s always easier to find music with lyrics. You can always write down a few words that were sung in the background of the video.

But what about instrumental tunes? How can you identify music that is played in the background of a video without any lyrics at all? We have some answers below.

Easy ways to identify background music in any video

There are 3 ways to identify background music in a video:

  • Watch the lyrics – if there are lyrics in the background, chances are that it’s background music.
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    Watch for repetitive sounds, which can indicate that it might be background music.

  • Observe for cues where you can see someone playing an instrument – this can suggest that it’s not just any song but specifically bg music

Helpful and useful tools

Hum to Search

Humming is a fun way of finding songs. When you hum the tune, Google will search for the song for you.

To use this feature, open Google Search on your phone or computer.

Type “hum” in the search box and tap or click on “Search.”

If it’s successful, the song you’re humming will start playing. is a site that is dedicated to lyrics and is helpful for how to find a song you don’t know the name of in any video. It has lyrics for over 120000 songs and the database is growing every day.

Use the search bar to write down the lyrics and AZLyrics will give you the name of that song.

Find the name of the song played in a video

One way to identify background music in a video is by looking at metadata tags. Metadata tags are data that can be extracted from an audio file which includes information about the song or piece of music like the artist name, lyrics, and even any samples used.

Another way to identify background music is by looking at sheet music which can sometimes be found on YouTube’s website or on various other websites like Sheet Music Direct or Free-scores. One last way of identifying background music is by determining its average sound level; this can typically be done with editing software like Audacity.

Another way is to use Shazam, an app that can identify any song playing nearby instantly.

When you open the app, it will search for the song nearest to your device’s microphone.

You can also click on “Identify” and hold the app towards the sound coming from your TV or computer screen. The app will tell you what song is playing, who sings it, what album it appears on and when it was released.

The Shazam algorithm does not only identify the song but also allows you to preview the song and purchase it.

Another way is by uploading a video onto YouTube’s Creator Studio Beta Web Player and then clicking on Advanced Analysis > Music ID > Add Music ID Track > Upload Video > Initiate Music ID Scan > Upload Video again.

How to Identify Background Music in a Video – Related Questions

How do I extract background music from a video?

Extracting background music from videos is very easy to do with the help of Audacity (or other audio editing software).

What is the best way to extract music from a video?

The best way to extract music from a video is by using the Video2Audio software.

Video2Audio will find out what point in the video there is music playing. You can save the audio to any format you want, like .wav, .mp3, or .ogg.

What are the steps to identify the name of background music in a video?

Some of the common steps to identify the Name of Background Music in a Video are:

  1. Listen to the music for a given time.
  2. Check if there is a copyright notice at the end or credits for whoever created it.
  3. Start looking for words that describe or characterize this type of music. For example, if you are listening to classical music, look for words like “opera”, “grand”, “romantic”.

Does it cost money to find out the name of a song in a video?

No. YouTube, Shazam, and other music identification platforms are not charging you to find out the name of a song, track, or tune in a video.

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