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How To NOT Get Copyrighted on Tiktok? The Complete Guide

avoid copyright on TikTok

How To Not Get Copyrighted on Tiktok? TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing all kinds of content, including DIY videos, memes, dance videos, etc. Its popularity rose exponentially during the COVID-19 lockdown, and it’s now pretty evident that the platform won’t be going away anytime soon.

Not surprisingly, several influencers and small businesses have used TikTok to their benefit. But how does it look from a legal perspective?

You probably know that platforms such as YouTube have plenty of rules around copyright infringement and content use. But is TikTok really the same? The answer is no! While TikTok is subject to copyright regulations, they aren’t as stringent as it is a fairly new platform.

In this article, we will take a look at how copyright works on this content-sharing platform and if there are ways to avoid copyright on TikTok.

Any digital platform with massive volumes of personal content would attract lots of attention to royalties and copyright infringement regulations. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to know when you are infringing copyright. Thus, it is crucial to know how music copyright works on TikTok.

Is Music Copyrighted on TikTok?

The music on TikTok can be used without worrying about copyright infringement. This is because TikTok has plenty of license agreements with several artists. Thus, they have the right to give the use of that music to users such as influencers and businesses. Thanks to these licenses, the users will not be faced with any legal action.

In 2020, the platform made some small changes to how businesses can use music. Initially, content creators could just add any song they liked to their videos without paying anything.

Now, a verified business can access a Commercial Musical Library that contains royalty-free music. This means they cannot use the same licensed music as regular users.

Not Getting Copyrighted on TikTok

The first thing you need to do to avoid copyright on TikTok is to review your content before publishing it. Here are some questions that will help you review your content:

  • Did you use the music from TikTok, or did you upload it separately? Also, pay attention to the songs playing in the background, such as from the radio, as this can possibly violate copyright laws as well.
  • Where did you film the content? If it’s at a place such as a historical site, you might require permission before uploading.
  • What video footage or images are visible in the video? If they’re someone else’s videos or images, they would be copyright-protected too.
  • Who’s in the video? (You need to get the permission of anybody whos identifiable in the video)

This simple and basic checklist will help you avoid some serious legal trouble while still creating the freshest and most relatable content out there!

Your best bet would be to only use music and sounds that are already on TikTok instead of using your own. If you are a verified business on TikTok, keep in mind you can only use their royalty-free music according to their updated rules.  

The most important thing here is that you should always be entirely sure that the content you are uploading is:

  • Your own original content
  • Someone else’s content, but you’ve their permission to use it.

Alternate Way to Not Get Copyrighted on TikTok

Another way to bypass copyright on TikTok is to add a sound through the editor on the application rather than using a third-party editor.

If your content already has a song that’s copyrighted, one thing you can do to prevent copyright is to add a sound to it while you are editing it on TikTok and reduce its volume to zero.

When you use the editor on the app to add a sound on TikTok, your video won’t be removed due to copyright. This is due to the fact that TikTok has acquired the relevant license for this purpose.

Nevertheless, this only applies to a personal account – not to a business account.

Thus, if you add a sound using the editor on TikTok, then your video won’t be removed due to copyright.

Last Few Words

Learning the ways to avoid copyright on TikTok can help you reduce copyright-related issues significantly.