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How to Remove Sound from Instagram Video Upload?

How to Remove Sound from Instagram Video Upload

How to Remove Sound from Instagram Video Upload? When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about aesthetics. Since videos are now equally important as pictures, content creators have to be particular about perfecting them as well. 

Besides the actual content covered in the video, you need to ensure the audio also adds value. You should learn how to remove sound from Instagram video upload if it doesn’t.

In doing so, you can tune out unwanted background noise, chatter, or copyrighted content. There are multiple ways to edit audio content that isn’t relevant to your video post.

Our step-by-step guide will help you learn how to disable sounds within the app and by using third-party video editors.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mute Mode On: Can You Remove Sound from an Instagram Video?

Yes, Instagram users can edit videos before posting them online. Alternatively, you can delete posts and repost edited versions to share silent videos.  We share quick steps to teach you how to do this on your Instagram app.

Let’s begin.

Method 1: Disabling Audio from Instagram Videos on the App

If you want to share silent videos, you can disable sounds before sharing your content on the app. There are two ways to do this. You can edit videos within the app or use a third-party site to fade out the conversation and incoherent background noises from your video. Once this is done, you can upload it on the platform.

The first method requires you to:

Step One: Create a “New” Post.

Tap the “plus” sign present on the bottom of your Instagram home screen. The app directs you towards the media gallery on your device.

If you plan to record a video, you can use the app’s camera feature. Tap the “video” command at the bottom-right of your screen.

Step Two: Tap “Mute” to Turn Off Volume.

Look at the top-right side of your screen and tap “Next.” A speaker icon will appear on your screen. Tap it once to disable audio before uploading a video. Wait a few seconds to ensure the icon changes according to your command.

Step Three: Share Your Instagram Video.

You can edit the video further by using filters and cropping it to share snippets instead of extended recordings. Once you are happy with the final version of your next video post, you can share it with your audience.

The alterations made to your video will ensure your target audience cannot hear any sound when they play it online. It works even when they tap unmute on their end to listen to your Instagram reels and video uploads.

Method 2: Using Video Editors to Remove Sound

Maybe you want to share a snazzy, professionally edited video on Instagram. If that’s the case, the simplified sound disabling method won’t have the same impact as a real video editor. You can either use premium-grade video editing software or an online service to do this. There are multiple apps available for this task.

One of our favorite editing service providers, Biteable, automatically eliminates audio from visual content. All it requires content creators to do is: upload footage, use the video sound remover, and witness the magic. It’s a hassle-free and time-effective way to remove audio from the video content.

Depending on the size of your video file, the editing software completes its task within minutes. You can use other features to incorporate background music for your Instagram video. Alternatively, you can share a silent video as you intended to in the first method.

Watch the complete tutorial from Biteable here.

Once you are happy with the final result, you can upload the video on Instagram and other social media channels.

Bonus: How to Mute Instagram Stories before Posting Them Online?

Sometimes your videos are too loud, or you might want to disable unwanted background noise from your Instagram stories. In this case, you can mute videos before sharing them with your Instagram family.

Here’s what you need to do after logging into the app:

Step One: Swipe Left to Upload Your Instagram Story.

Once the Instagram home screen becomes visible, you can upload your story.

Step Two: Choose/Record Your Video.

You can record a video and post it in real-time for your followers. Alternatively, you can use pre-recorded video from your gallery to upload it online.

Step Three: Tap to Mute.

A speaker icon will appear on the screen when you upload the video. Tap the icon and wait until it changes into blue color to turn off the sound from your video.

What Next?

Once you turn off the sound, you can edit the video by adding emoticons, captions and adjusting the overall result. Then upload your Instagram Story by tapping “Send To,” which appears on the bottom of your screen.

Musical Hack:  Planning to use copyrighted music for your Instagram reels and video posts? If you’re unsure about copyright rules, we suggest reading the fine print. Read the Updates and Guidelines for Including Music in Video from the official Instagram blog to prevent illegal entanglements.

Mute Vs. Unmute: When Should You Add Music to Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram Video Upload Tutorial

We have already discussed that sharing silent videos on social media is sometimes better than posting them with the original audio.

In most situations, the audio doesn’t sync with the visuals. That might be because of the disruptive background noises or a conversation between you and other people that were unintentionally recorded. On the other hand, the audio quality might not be good enough. Instagram users must consider these conditions before uploading videos to avoid embarrassment on the social media platform.

Nevertheless, there are times when silent videos might fail to keep viewers engaged. To prevent a decline in your viewership, you might want to add royalty-free music to your video. You can use Biteable (or a similar app) to add sound to your social media content before uploading it.

Music becomes necessary when:

  • You want to keep the target audience engaged while sharing the story through captions.
  • Your personal brand requires higher user engagement, and silent videos aren’t enough to reach the desired goal
  • Your corporate video needs a musical factor to reach a wider audience
  • You need upbeat music, soothing sounds, or folk music to match the adventurous video you share of your recent trip

In short, music makes Instagram videos more memorable. That is why everyone uses it to keep the audience hooked as they share travel stories, unbox PR packages, cook, paint, or simply pose in front of the camera. There are several reasons to disable or enable audio on your video uploads. Whatever you decide to do, ensure that your audio content doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

Otherwise, Instagram will take down your video or shut down your account. Both consequences are costly as they reduce engagement and tarnish your public reputation.

Musical Hack:  Planning to share video with music? Watch How to Use Music on Instagram Without Copyright PROBLEMS!!!for some cool hacks.

1, 2, 3. Post!

In the end, knowing how to remove sound from Instagram video upload isn’t enough. You need to know when to do this and when audios are essential. Decide to share video with audio or disable the sound by keeping the audience’s reaction in mind. When you want to generate monetary benefits through videos shared on social media networks, it matters.  Ensure that your media content conveys a meaningful and cohesive story that doesn’t get hindered by the lack of sound.

Otherwise, you must consider adding royalty-free music and melodies to elevate your Instagram profile. Embed relevant tracks and sound effects that synchronize with the visuals. These strategies will have a significant impact on your views.

Once that’s done, you can post videos without hesitation.

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