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How to Sell Original Music?

sell original music

How to Sell Original Music? If you’re a musician or a producer who has just started their music journey, then you are probably wondering how you can sell your original music online. You probably want your music out on official streaming platforms or any other means of making money out of your art.

In this article, we will focus on different ways musicians can sell their original music online. Broadly speaking, there are two main ways of selling your music online. The first is to sell it through your own website, and the second is to sell it via online retailers, such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc.   

Let’s learn about each of these in detail below:

Sell Original Music on Your Own Website

If you have a professional website as a musician, then one way to sell your own music would be directly on the website. Even if you don’t have a website, it is a good idea to have one made just so you become easily discoverable. Having a website also gives you credibility and allows your listeners or fans to gain a direct point of contact with you.

Selling your music on your own website is an excellent option. However, it means that you will be responsible for managing all the aspects of uploading, promoting, and managing your music online. But at the end of the day, it is all worth it because you’ll only be developing a website that you own.  

Having your own website offers a lot of value for musicians because it becomes your own space on the internet that you have full control over.  Plus, your fans will always be able to find and access your music directly from your website. You can choose to share it on other platforms as well, but your website would become the central platform of all your work.

It is also beneficial to use your own website because there are simply too many streaming platforms out there now. Therefore, it is best to have as much control over the sales of your music as possible. This will be especially useful if you already have an audience because you will not be losing any money in commissions.   

Additionally, you can also gather a mailing list with your sales, which will give you direct access to your listeners. It will become a great way for you to connect and engage with your fanbase.

It is also not very difficult to build a professional website as there are several platforms that allow you to create one, even if you don’t have the coding expertise. Alternatively, you can hire a website developer for this task. It’s a small investment but it will be worth it in the long run.

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Sell Original Music Through Digital Retailers

Selling original music online

The rise of streaming platforms still hasn’t reduced the value of selling your music through digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is great to have your music on streaming services, but it is equally important to also make it accessible via digital retailers.

Many listeners are comfortable with buying directly from these retailers that they trust and already have accounted for. So, it is definitely worth having your music on these giant digital retail platforms.  

In order to sell your music via any of these retailers, you will have to upload your music through a digital distributor. There isn’t an option for the artist to upload their music directly unless you’re also a distributor. You can reach out to distributors like TuneCore or CD Baby to make the process simple and easy.

The biggest advantage of selling your music through digital retailers is that they do the heavy lifting for you. They make your music accessible and downloadable worldwide. They also make it available on streaming platforms. It also makes it easier for listeners to access your music as visiting your website might not always be convenient.

Sell Original Music on Streaming Platforms

Today, it has become important to have your music on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. There are millions of music enthusiasts who only listen to music on these sites. Although you can’t rely entirely on streaming platforms to make money off your music, it is worth having your music on them to gain traction as well as earn supplemental income.

Streaming platforms like Spotify are excellent for getting your music discovered by people who have the taste for the kind of music you create. It will drive more sales for you in the future and increase your fanbase.

Final Thoughts

All artists who want to make money off their music now need to send it online. Working with professional distributors is always a great idea. There are multiple ways of doing that as discussed above.

We recommend that you use a combination of these methods to gain the maximum amount of profit as well as increase your chances of getting discovered. As a musician, it is important that you put your music out there for maximum people to discover. Check out our blog for more resources for musicians.

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