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How to Upload a Video on Facebook without Copyright Infringement?

How to Upload a Video on Facebook without Copyright Infringement

How to Upload a Video on Facebook without Copyright Infringement? To post or not to post becomes a tricky question when you don’t know how to upload a video on Facebook without Copyright infringement. Your reckless mistake can make hours of hard work go in vain. Then there are countless legal aspects and pricey royalty charges that can make your next video upload a potential nightmare.

Facebook outperforms other virtual spaces in coverage and credibility. That’s why many businesses and influencers continue to use it to introduce, market, and sell brand offerings. However, some rules and restrictions ensure your online activity doesn’t push copyright limits.

Unfortunately for many users, it often means copyright claims and infringement charges that tarnish their public reputation. If you’re afraid of the worst-case scenario, we can help.

Here are some secret strategies to share videos without crossing the red tape:

How to Upload a Video on Facebook without Copyright Infringement?

The Cheat Sheet: Beating Copyright Infringement for Facebook Video Uploads

Most creators and corporations know that music is vital for enhancing visual content. It can influence purchase intent and elevate your story through symphonies and rhythmic beats. Due to this, Facebook users are interested in adding music to their video uploads.

However, the social networking site can restrict your sound editing options with its dedicated list of copyright rules. Most people skim through these policies and wind up with blocked or deleted content that prevents them from sharing videos.

If that’s ever happened to you, the following steps can save your next video upload on Facebook from scrutiny.

Here are three ways to avoid transgression:

Take the “Please and Thank You” Route with Licensing

Music production licensing can protect you from receiving a red flag from the blue app. Licenses save you from lawsuits and enable you to use selected songs freely and legally.

How does it work?

You need to:

  1. Find the current copyright owner of the song (or sound effects) you want to use for your video
  2. Request them to grant you a music license to use copyrighted work
  3. Negotiate a deal to decide a royalty fee you will pay for using their music

Despite its legal advantages, the time-consuming task can prove tedious and expensive when you’re running a solo venture or a small business. For this reason, many Facebook users choose alternative ways to upload videos with background music on the app.

Musical Hack: Watch YouTube creators explain Music and Copyright to understand how licensing works on most social media platforms.

Facebook Sound Collection FTW

If licensing sounds tough, you can use pre-licensed music from Facebook Sound Collection. The authorized archive contains thousands of video creators’ background music and sound effects. The app has roped in indie artists, R&B musicians, and even NASA to provide sound effects users might need to post musically-synced videos.

The only downside of this offering will be the limited collection. There’s a chance you might not find the right sound here. It’s why you need a backup option to access music for ads, reels, and other types of video content.

The No Risk, Budget-Friendly Alternative via Royalty-Free Music

If you’re looking for versatile music libraries and pre-licensed content, royalty-free music apps can help. These streaming platforms have a broader range of song and SFX collections than Facebook. Even though most content creators attributed here are not as famous, their work won’t disappoint you. Instead, you will marvel at the depth these single-licensed soulful symphonies provide.

In addition to securing legal access, you get unlimited options without stretching your ad budget. The cost-effectiveness makes it equally great for personal usage.

Musical Hack: Want some suggestions? Here are 3 Places to Find Free Music for Facebook.

Copyright Inquiries: What Else Should You Know?  

Facebook Copyright Rules.

Q1. What Should You Do If Facebook Removes Your Video?

Facebook users receive an email and in-app notification when the platform removes your videos. The message states reasons for flagging your content for copyright infringement. You can either repost the video with a different song or ask for a license from the copyright owner.

Conversely, you talk to Facebook’s support team for assistance through a formal appeal. Then use their guidance to retrieve the deleted video and repost it according to their policies.

Q2. Can a 30 Seconds Rule Apply to Facebook Video Uploads?

Sorry for bursting your bubble, but “the 30-second fair use rule is a myth.

Even though the social media platform allows “small portions of a copyrighted work,” they don’t share specifics. It means using copyrighted music for more than a second can jeopardize your public persona. We advise you to stay on the less risky side of posting practices by acquiring a license or using non-copyrighted songs.

Q3. Can Attribution Save You from Copyright Infringement?

Attribution means giving credit to the original soundtrack/background music creators. While it’s a token of appreciation from your end, Facebook doesn’t count it as a copyright license. Therefore, you should acquire official permission from the rightful owner. You can do this by obtaining a legal license, or you may ask aspiring artists to collaborate with your brand. These thoughtful steps will limit the risks of receiving a disciplinary notice from Facebook.

Musical Hack: Do all the copyrighting laws sound confusing? Use this Harvard guide on Copyright and Fair Use to stay well-informed.

Let’s Make Facebook Feeds Musical!

Whether you post an advertisement or share personal milestones, the right music can garner more interest. Learning how to upload a video on Facebook without copyright infringement allows you to do this with minimum roadblocks. Ensure you revisit official regulations and use royalty-free music to cover all legal grounds. Your vigilant efforts will save you from controversial and costly consequences.

Before you leave, bookmark this guide to review before uploading your next video.

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