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How to Upload Copyrighted Music on SoundCloud? All You Need to Know

How to Upload Copyrighted Music on SoundCloud

How to Upload Copyrighted Music on SoundCloud? Since its inception, SoundCloud has been a go-to place for aspiring artists and music enthusiasts to converse.  The streaming app allows users to share their favorite tracks, expand their network or simply play music for unlimited hours.

However, like all great things in life, this app comes with terms and conditions. One of them includes the no-nonsense attitude about pirating music. It’s why many people search virtual portals to ask how to upload copyrighted music on SoundCloud. 

While we advise you to stick to royalty-free music and original tracks, there’s a way to work around and resolve this common problem.

Continue reading to uncover secret strategies that help the SoundCloud community avoid the dreaded strikes.

The Premises: 3 Copyright Strikes You’re Out on SoundCloud

SoundCloud states that users “almost always need permission to share content that has been created by someone else.” It adds mashups, remixes, and DJ sets into its list of copyrighted content. Downloaded files, purchased tracks, and unreleased songs fall under this category.

Users that do not play by these rules get a strike when they upload copyrighted content on the platform. Such tracks get blocked by default with a warning. After the first strike, anything you share on SoundCloud will get scrutinized more than usual.

 On the third strike, the company might terminate your account. Consequently, it erases everything you ever shared (or stored) on the platform.

Be Cautious and Back Up Your SoundCloud Content

The third strike can become a nightmare for any artist who uses SoundCloud as their primary distribution channel. Years of hard work and socializing disappear due to your unintentional (or intentional) breach of copyright policy.

Luckily, you can avoid this tragic fate.

First, it requires working your way around copyright infringement policies. You can do this through the strategies shared in the next section.

In addition to this, back up the media content you shared on SoundCloud to prevent data loss. If you’re afraid of losing contacts, ask mutuals to share social media profiles from other accounts. Alternatively, you can create an email list to stay in contact with your virtual friends from the SoundCloud channel. These steps ensure that you don’t wind up losing a significant chunk of your music journey when you upload copyrighted content.

Musical Note: Need more information? Read this official article to understand the situation. How do copyright strikes work? – SoundCloud Help Center

3 Hacks to Upload Copyright Music on SoundCloud

Woman Uploading Copyrighted Music on SoundCloud

Hack 1:  Get Creative with the Labels

SoundCloud takes copyright laws seriously and its got an intelligent algorithm to compare uploaded tracks. Therefore, you should mark your tracks cautiously and make sure you label them right. You can avoid detection by renaming the titles for your remixes. Ensure that none of the words in the title match the name of the original track.

If you don’t take these preventive steps, your tracks will get locked before they ever reach your target audience. So any identifiable tags and labels are off-limits when you’re using a copyrighted song/SFX for your latest SoundCloud music.

Hack 2: The Silent Treatment

SoundCloud might be smart, but you can be smarter.

Some users suggest replacing the intro of your song with a silent space. The non-instrumental intro should last at least 15 seconds to appease SoundCloud’s analyzer.

Tuning out the detectable intro of your remixed version minimizes the risk of receiving a copyright infringement or strike. This tactic works because many users claim that the music app only compares the first few minutes of the original track.

With an ultra-low base sound or no beat, you manage to sneak a copyrighted track without facing any costly repercussions.

Hack 3: Switch Beats More Than Usual

SoundCloud members also recommend mixing and editing the tracks you want to upload. It’s a creative way to limit detection and share music on SoundCloud freely with no legal troubles taking you down.

Here are some sound mixing and editing strategies you can try to do that:

  • Speed up the track to modify its basic algorithm
  • Turn your chosen sound into a high-pitch rendition of the original track
  • Tone down the sound by using a low-pitch track
  • Integrate original music or sound effects to create a unique beat for any song you want to upload on SoundCloud

The musical key here lies in modifying the media file to the extent that it becomes almost unrecognizable by the popular music app. If you want a quantifiable metric for this, over 75% of alterations should suffice. You can do more if the track sounds as good as the OG. Otherwise, you might have outwitted SoundCloud, but you don’t generate any interest from the audience due to extensive changes and mismatched modifications.

Music Hack: Watch this video for a better understanding Soundcloud Copyright Problem – Beat Soundcloud Algorithm.

Alternative Hack: Play it Safe

If the sneaky tactics remain ineffective, you can take an alternative route to share your music. Make the most of other online music-centric resources available online for this purpose.

Here are three steps you can take to evade copyright strikes:

  • Switch Your Account. Share your remixed and edited tracks on a platform that doesn’t block music as easily as SoundCloud. For instance, MixCloud might give your modified tracks more leeway than their counterparts.
  • Beat Copyright Strikes with Royalty-Free Music.  Use single-licensing archives to find the right sound without experiencing copyright blocks or notices. An extensive library of reusable, licensed music makes this form of content easier for commercial purposes.
  • Run it Through YouTube. You can avoid your tracks from being taken down by posting them on YouTube before SoundCloud. Content creators consider this as a low-risk option because of YouTube. It explains copyright infringement and gives more details on the issue. Use that advice to change your track and decide whether or not SoundCloud will let you upload it on its platform.

Overall, several different methods exist to post music online without facing copyright charges on SoundCloud or any other site. Hopefully, our consumer insights allow you to select an effective strategy to play and share copyrighted music online.

Ready to Counter SoundCloud Copyright Rules?

Learning how to upload copyrighted music on SoundCloud requires some out-of-the-box thinking. The right sound editing and mixing strategies will enable you to share your favorite tracks without facing a copyright wall.

On the other hand, if things don’t work out for you, opting for royalty-free music might be a good option. Alternatively, you can diversify your virtual presence by designating different accounts for specific sounds. Use SoundCloud for sharing original music and YouTube or MixCloud for remixed versions. This way, you can optimize your music sharing and distribution activity online without getting under the radar.

Good luck!

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