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What are the Popular iMovie Songs YouTubers Use? All You Need to Know

What are the Popular iMovie Songs YouTubers Use?

What are the Popular iMovie Songs YouTubers Use? If you create and edit videos on Apple devices such as the Macbook, iPad, or iPhone you have probably used the iMovie app at some point. This app offers many great video editing and sharing options for users. It also includes lots of music and sound effects to make your video more engaging.

If you are interested in adding music to your iMovie creation, you may be wondering what popular songs video creators use. Today we will be looking at some of the most popular iMovie songs Youtubers use.

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a free video editing software that comes pre-installed on the iMac, iPad, and iPhone. It includes numerous editing options and filters to help you create fun and exciting videos. Many Youtube creators use iMovie regularly due to its simple yet versatile interface and sharing options. Users who wish to add background music to their iMovie creations can do so with just a few simple clicks thanks to the soundtrack songs included in the app.

Adding Soundtrack Songs to Your iMovie Video

So how easy is it to add soundtrack songs to your iMovie video? The steps for doing so are outlined below.

Adding Soundtrack Songs to iMovie Videos on iPad and iPhone

  1. Create a new project on iMovie
  2. Import your video content
  3. Hit the Add Media (+) button
  4. Select “Audio” followed by “Soundtracks”
  5. Browse through the various song options available.
  6. Tap a song to preview it
  7. If a track is dimmed, you can download it by hitting the “download” icon before previewing it.
  8. Hit the “Add Audio” (+) button next to the soundtrack name.
  9. Adjust the length of the track to your liking

Adding Soundtrack Songs to iMovie Videos on iMac

The process of adding soundtrack songs to iMovie videos on Mac devices is a bit different from the iPad and iPhone. The steps are:

  1. Open your iMovie project
  2. Hit the Audio tab at the top of the browser
  3. Hover your cursor over the sound clip and hit the “play” button to preview it
  4. Drag your chosen track into the video timeline
What are the Popular iMovie Songs YouTubers Use?

What are the Most Popular iMovie Songs Youtubers Use?

Many Youtubers frequently use iMovie songs in their Youtube videos. This is because Apple has licensed these songs and allows users to use them on a royalty-free basis. This means Youtubers won’t receive copyright strikes for using them as background music in their videos.

So what are the most popular iMovie songs Youtubers use? There’s no way to tell which tracks are used most frequently. However, the following tracks have been used prominently in many Youtube videos:

  1. Aether – Darren King
  2. Anything – Chris James
  3. Bettie – Morgan Kibby
  4. Blue Mountains – Gabriel Witcher
  5. Can’t Keep Checking My Phone – UMO
  6. Evergreen – Morgan Kibby
  7. Illuminations – Michael Lockwood
  8. Interludes – Daniel Garrow
  9. Melt – Tommy English
  10. Montauk Breeze – Mark Hadley

Older versions of iMovie contain stock music without an artist name. Such tracks are named after moods or themes. This includes:

  1. Bollywood
  2. Simple
  3. Expedition
  4. Shogun
  5. Fifth Avenue Stroll
  6. Scary
  7. Indulge
  8. Curtain Call Medium
  9. Dolce Vita
  10. Peach Cobbler
  11. Perspectives Medium
  12. Friendship
  13. Headspin Long
  14. Film Noir
  15. Highlight Reel Long
  16. Sprightly
  17. Pendulum
  18. East Ender Long
  19. Electric Rodeo Long
  20. Jungle
  21. Timely
  22. Torn Jeans Medium
  23. Thunder Roll
  24. Playful
  25. Thunder Clap
  26. Night Camp
  27. Dewdrops
  28. Headspin Short
  29. Big Waterfall
  30. Pastel Slide Medium
  31. Time Lapse
  32. Two Seater Long
  33. Newborn
  34. Broadcast News Short
  35. Vintage News Short
  36. Pets
  37. Offroad Long
  38. Torn Jeans Short
  39. Ocean Surf
  40. Forest

What is the Best Track to Use for iMovie Videos?

After browsing through the various tracks mentioned above, you may be wondering about the best one to use for your iMovie video. The truth is that each of these tracks sets a certain tone or mood. Therefore it is difficult to say which one is right for your video.

Video creators should consider trying different songs with their video until they find one that conveys the type of mood they are seeking. The right background music can take your video to the next level and engage viewers, so consider spending some time finding the perfect iMovie song.

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