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The Ultimate Instagram Copyright Music Checker: Here’s How to Avoid Infringement

Instagram Copyright Music Checker

Instagram takes copyright infringement quite seriously. If you commit copyright infringement on Instagram, your video or photo might be taken down. In fact, the photo- and video-sharing platform also has a Repeat Infringer Policy where if you continue copyright infringement, your account or page might get disabled or removed.

One key thing to note here is that Facebook or Instagram will not alert you if a song in your video is copyrighted until you actually post the content. However, there are ways in which you can ensure that your content doesn’t feature copyrighted audio. One way to check if a song is copyrighted is to look for the copyright mark. If you see the copyright symbol, ©, next to the song when you download it, it is copyrighted and not safe for use on Instagram.

In this article, we will look at more ways to check if audio is copyrighted and how to prevent copyright infringement on Instagram.

How Does Instagram Detect Copyrighted Music?

Facebook and Instagram have automatic systems that recognize if the background sound of your video is copyrighted. Since it’s an automatic process, there is room for mistakes, and your video could get marked as copyrighted and removed when you have taken the permission to use the music.

We would like to reiterate that you cannot determine if a song is copyrighted on Facebook or Instagram until you post your content. A warning sign will appear if there’s an issue of copyright infringement, and you will be asked to change the background music to a song that is not copyrighted. This message contains instructions on how content creators can fix the issue. It is an attempt to avoid Instagram’s automatic interruptions such as blocking, muting, or ending a live stream.

How to Check if Music Is Copyrighted?

There are various ways to determine whether a song is copyrighted. These include:

1. PDinfo

PDinfo is an informative project about the public domain where you can find documentation on this subject along with journalistic writings, books, and music.

In the Public Domain Music section, you can find all the songs in this category. If you’re not sure whether the song you want to use belongs to the public domain, you can search for it by the first letter of its title or by using the search engine.

If you find the song you want to use in PDinfo, it won’t be copyrighted, and you’ll be able to use it freely.

2. YouTube

YouTube is also an excellent tool to determine if a song is copyrighted. Upload the video you made for Instagram on YouTube in private or hidden to prevent strikes.

Once YouTube has processed the video, click on the “Checks” tab. If the music is copyright-free, you will see a message saying, “No Issues Found.”

3. Hire Copyright Experts

If you want to be completely sure that a song isn’t copyrighted, you can hire specialists in the field or companies that offer such service.

How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow users to infringe copyright laws. However, according to Instagram Copyright Music Rules, there are ways to post copyrighted music on Instagram legally. Simply follow these four rules, and your content will be safe.

1. Always Post a Video When You’re Sharing Music

As per Instagram rules, there needs to be a visual element in your video – recorded audio shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your video.

2. Keep Your Videos Short

Instagram suggests you use short music clips. The higher the number of full-length recorded tracks in a video, the higher chances of it getting limited.

3. Use Facebook Sound Collection

Facebook Sound Collection is a repository of thousands of high-quality sound effects and audio tracks from all over the world. These effects and tracks are owned by Facebook (thus, there are no issues with copyright or paying the original artist as Facebook has already taken care of that), and video creators can freely use them in their videos which you can later share on Instagram or Instagram.

Last Few Words

When it comes to using music for Instagram videos, you shouldn’t just focus on aspects such as the music genre, its volume, or its speed. Rather, you should pay attention to copyright.

Music copyright is an element you shouldn’t ignore if you don’t want your post to be taken down or your account to be disabled or removed.