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Is Mixkit Copyright Free? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

Is Mixkit Copyright Free

Is Mixkit Copyright Free? Mixkit is a free platform that offers you free assets in the form of creative elements that you can use in image and video production. We came across Mixkit when searching for copyright-free video clips to use in a project. Mixkit is a resource where you can find a lot of free stock music, free stock videos, free video templates, and free sound effects.

Launched in 2019, the site offers free elements for content creators and designers to use in image and video production and editing. As per the website, they allow you to download free audio and video assets without getting any copyright claims. So you can basically download these free assets without even having to sign up.

But is Mixkit copyright free? Are the assets offered by this website really free to use? Let’s find out so you can use these assets without worrying about facing any copyright claims if you use an audio or video asset downloaded from Mixkit.

Is Mixkit Copyright Free? The Truth

A skeptic user may find it hard to believe that there is no catch and you can download copyright-free audio and video assets for free from Mixkit! But are the assets really copyright free?

Well, Mixkit has various types of copyright licenses that cover music, video templates, stock footage, art, and SFX. While you have permission to use these elements under these licenses, there may be some restrictions or limitations. Read on.

1. Stock Video License

Under this license, you can use the stock videos in any of the following projects:

2. Restricted License for Stock Video

The restricted license for stock videos restricts you from using any footage for:

  • Commercial projects
  • Company social media posts
  • Advertising
  • YouTube videos

You can only use the videos under this license for:

  • Educational purposes
  • Personal projects
  • Personal social media posts

3. Stock Music Free License

The free license for stock music on Mixkit allows you to use the stock music for:

  • Podcasts
  • Educational purposes
  • Social media video posts
  • Online marketing ads
  • YouTube videos

However, you cannot use free stock music in TV or radio broadcasting, CDs & DVDs, or video games.

4. SFX Free License

Under the SFX free license, you can use these assets for:

  • YouTube videos
  • Online marketing ads
  • Educational purposes
  • Social media video posts
  • Music videos
  • Filmmaking
  • Commercial projects
  • CDs & DVDs
  • TV or radio broadcasts
  • Video games

5. Video Templates and Art Free Licenses

These two types of licenses cover all types of usage without any restrictions for both online and offline use.

So basically, just like it claims, Mixkit does offer copyright-free music, audios, video clips, SFX, and art under these licenses. However, make sure you don’t use these assets in use cases that are restricted by these licenses.

One of the Best Free Resources for Copyright Free Digital Assets!

Mixkit is one of the best platforms to find copyright-free assets to use in your projects for free. You no longer have to pay subscription fees or sign up on stock-free websites when you can use Mixkit. Their selection of digital assets is huge and impressive. You can literally find assets for nearly all categories, making it a really convenient resource for you. It offers:

  1. Free stock music
  2. Free stock videos
  3. Free sound effects
  4. Free video templates
  5. Free After Effects templates
  6. Free Premiere Pro templates
  7. Free Final Cut Pro templates
  8. Free DaVinci Resolve templates
  9. Free stock art

According to the website, it has more than 50,000 assets in the form of videos, music, effects, templates, and more. You can use these free assets in your projects without having to worry about getting copyright strikes.

Content Creators Are in for a Treat!

If you are a content creator or a designer, you are in for a treat on Mixkit! Get your hands on a huge collection of copyright-free assets to use in your projects.

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