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Is a Pexels Video 100% Copyright Free? Here’s What You Need to Know

Pexels video copyright free concept

Is Pexels Video Copyright Free? If you’ve ever searched for ‘copyright-free videos,’ the Pexels site would pop up on your search engine results page. Stock libraries like these are like a virtual gift for content creators. These platforms allow you to access and download professionally photographed images and high-resolution videos for free.

That allows non-videographers to save the time, money, and energy required to find someone to film promotional content.

Yet, at the back of your mind, you might wonder:

Is Pexels video copyright free?

Yes, stock videos on Pexels are copyright free and available for commercial use. Content creators can use these videos to promote websites, blogs and even share modified versions on their social media feed.

This article tells you everything you need to know about Pexels and its video license.

Let’s learn.

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Pexels Video License: Is It Legal?

The Pexels license is 100% legal and video download don’t come with any legal strings attached. The stock library shares the content under the Creative Commons License, permitting royalty-free content usage for commercial design purposes.

That said, some videos that depict company logos, trademarks, and branded products might be protected by intellectual copyright policy. The platform states licenses under the videos to prevent misuse.

Decoding the Pexels License: How Does It Work?

Pexels (the stock library) functions as a virtual portfolio for video creators. They upload their content to showcase their work. In doing so, these individuals hand over the rights to the stock library and permit it to share videos for reuse by website visitors.  The simple exchange allows you to steer clear of messy copyright claims.

That means your content will not get flagged by social media sites or search engines for using Pexels videos for commercial use. Moreover, attribution isn’t necessary. You can post modified versions of the video on your website, blog, or social media profile without mentioning the source.

However, original creators will appreciate a shoutout. It might even result in a collaboration between you and the video creator. Hence, you should consider the benefits before skipping attribution.

Video Wisdom: Stock images of Pexels fall under the same licenses. Watch this video tutorial to turn downloaded photos into videos.

The Rules: How to Keep the Pexels Video Copyright Free Clause Intact?

Pexels video copyright free concept

Pexels videos are free to use for commercial design and creative purposes, but there are some guidelines you must follow. The failure to do so would cause a copyright violation.

So how do you stay on the right side of the copyright clause?

A few good keywords and filters typed on the search bar will give you digital access to thousands of high-quality stock videos on Pexels.

Users can download videos without signing up for memberships and reuse them on business websites, blog posts, streaming channels, and social media feed.

However, you need to modify the videos you share by altering specific aspects. For example, you can insert your brand logo if it doesn’t hide any logos/trademarks already on the video.

In addition to this, content creators can add creative touches to jazz things up for their promotional content. This includes the insertion of sound effects, background music, and VFX. Hence, we can say that Pexels gives you complete control after you download a stock video from its library.

However, some actions can result in an infringement of these rules.

Actions Pexels Frowns Upon and Flags

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Downloaded videos are not available for redistribution on other stock video archives.
  • Ownership of the original content remains with the video creator that uploaded the videos on Pexels. You cannot sell unedited copies of Pexels videos or take credit for them on other sites.
  • Any identifiable organizations and people depicted in the videos should not be portrayed in a negative way when you reuse the content. Moreover, you can’t post the content with racial remarks or offensive captions.
  • You can not imply that the people or identifiable brands that appear in the video endorse your product/services.
  • Avoid hiding or doctoring videos to remove labels, logos, and branded products already there.

In short, users aren’t allowed to profit from Pexels video before altering the original content to claim creative rights. These rules are relatively simple and justified considering the hard work of recording, editing, and sharing high-quality content with the public.

Ready to Use Pexels Videos? Vow to Stay Lawfully Good!

Pexels videos are copyright-free, editable, and accessible for commercial use.

Companies on a budget and content creators can take advantage of this license by modifying the content for promotional campaigns. It requires a few seconds of searching and scrolling for the right video. Then you can select and download the stock-free video without experiencing any legal consequences.

There’s one simple rule. You can’t sell or redistribute downloaded videos as it is on competitive stock libraries or public forums. Moreover, you can’t take credit for the original content. These actions can result in copyright infringement.

Therefore, always remember to abide by the rules even when you download content for free.

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