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Is the Music on Filmora Copyrighted? All You Need to Know

Is the Music on Filmora Copyrighted

Is the Music on Filmora Copyrighted? There are many beginner editors out there who make the mistake of using copyrighted music and consequently get banned for copyright infringement. With an increasing number of editors moving to Filmora for their video editing projects, the question “Is the music on Filmora copyrighted?” is repeatedly asked on several different platforms.

What is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing platform that has been receiving rave reviews from users due to the platform delivering on its promise of providing high-quality, revolutionary, and updated tools, features, effects, and editing processes. There are several video editing tools in this software that allows its end-users to splice multiple videos together and take advantage of effects, such as overlays. The intuitive interface and cost-effective rates have made this platform one of the top choices, especially amongst novice editors.

What is Copyrighted Music?

Music that has been copyrighted designated the ownership and rights of a particular composition or recording to a specific party. The rights and ownership clause grants the owner permission to reproduce, redistribute, and earn royalties through licensing from the piece of composition or sound recording. Songs that are listed in the public domain are typically not copyrighted and thus can be used by any third-party member. Copyrighted songs are usually identified through a symbol, watermark, or statement in the music’s description on online platforms. A usage fee is implemented for any third-party member wanting to use a copyrighted composition in their project – even if the legal copyright has expired.

Is the Music on Filmora Copyrighted?

Filmora has been named one of the best video editing programs to add background music to a video, specifically amongst desktop programs. The software is relatively simple to use and allows editors to easily add background music or audio to their videos. With a vast range of free audio tracks available through the platform, editors can easily find a suitable option for their videos and projects. The music and audio available are also editable and customizable, making it an even more attractive choice for editors.

However, it is pertinent to mention that all the free built-in soundtracks, sound effects, and transitions on Filmora are only available for those using it for a personal project. If you want to use these for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a business license for that. Additionally, Wondershare designers own the copyright and ownership claims of all the add-on effects in the Effects Store. Editors are granted permission to use these effects after purchasing a business license.

Additionally, even after purchasing the business license, videos posted for commercial purposes must indicate that they were created using the Filmora software. The license agreement states that commercial videos must include the “Video is made by Filmora” text. Under section 2 of the Additional Eula Terms for Filmora, it has also been specified that Wondershare can update the existing music list to add or remove tracks from their built-in store and list of free compositions and audios.

How to Add Background Music Using Filmora

If you want to use the free compositions or audios from Filmora for personal use, the steps to integrate them into the video are simple. You can also choose to add your own audio to the video file using this software. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. After opening the Filmora software, import the video and audio (if any).
  2. Select the video and drag and drop it to the timeline.
  3. On the upper right, you can preview the video you’ve dropped in the timeline.
  4. Choose your audio, either personal or from Filmora’s library, and drag and drop it to the timeline.

Is Filmora a Good Option?

As with any other video editing application, choosing the Filmora software for your project depends on your specific requirements and preferences in terms of tools, effects, and features. You can choose this software for commercial use if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks spent on purchasing the business license for the music from Filmora’s library. However, if you’re using it for personal projects or with your own music, compositions, or audios, Filmora is, without a doubt, one of the best programs to consider for video editing. The software has been specifically designed for semi-professional and novice editors. If you fall under these categories, Filmora will be a good option to consider.


This concludes the topic regarding copyright claims on music available through Filmora. We hope you’ve found the answer to the question “is the music on Filmora copyrighted?” The software is an adequate option for semi-professional and novice editors looking for a straightforward and relatively easy program to work on.

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