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Kdenlive 101: How to Save Your Project As MP4? The FULL Guide

Kdenlive how to save as MP4

How to Save Your Kdenlive Project As MP4? Kdenlive is an acronym for KDE non-linear video editor that is based on the MLT framework. Kdenlive supports several audio and video formats, making it one of the most adaptable video software out there. It allows you to add transitions and effects to videos and then render them in any format you want.

It is a completely free open-source video editor that comes with tons of features, including color scores, various effects and transitions, as well as an intuitive multitrack interface. However, for beginners, it can be a little challenging to understand Kdenlive. How to save as MP4 is one of the most asked questions about this software that we aim to answer today.

In this article, we will walk you through all the steps involved in saving videos as MP4 in Kdenlive. So read on.

Kdenlive: How To Save As MP4? A Quick 4-Step Process

Kdenlive allows you to edit and save videos in various formats. If you are wondering how to save your video as MP4, check out our step-by-step guide below:

1. Select the Video in the Timeline

Once you are done editing your video, select it in the timeline.

2. Render the Video and Select the Format

Once you have selected the video, go to the Project tab in the toolbar at the top and click on Render. A “Rendering” pop-up window will open up. In this window, click on the “Render Project” tab and select “MP4” under the “Generic (HD for web, mobile devices..)” option.

3. Select the Export Location

Within the Rendering window, click on the file icon next to “Output File” in this window and select the location which you want to export the MP4 video to. Make sure that the MP4 option is selected in the “Save as type” option in the pop-up window.

4. Render the File

Finally, hit the “Render to File” button in the Rendering window in Kdenlive. The video rendering process will start and may take some time if your video is long.

Now go to the location in your computer where you saved the video and look for the MP4 video. You will find the video in MP4 format saved in that location.

Does MP4 Really Matter?

MP4 file format is one of the most popular and supported formats in the world that holds both video and audio files. The MP4  format uses MPEG-4 compression and is compatible with nearly all video players out there. In addition to audio and video, it can also hold subtitles by compressing all of these data types together.

It is the most common format used for video streaming over the internet. Since it compresses videos with lesser loss of quality and can store multiple data types, it is used to distribute videos over the internet. It is the preferred file format for most platforms due to its adaptability and versatility.

What’s more, it can support even the most advanced technologies, such as H.264, which is a video compression standard for HD digital videos. An MP4 file also supports stage descriptions, embedded interactivity features, and 3D objects, which makes it ideal to use in multimedia presentations.

The MP4 format became popular due to Apple iPods. Later on, its popularity grew as Google used MP4 as their official video format to download videos. Today, MP4 is more popular than Apples .mov format because it occupies less space and is supported by all the freeware and shareware.

What’s The Difference Between MP3 and MP4 Formats?

MP4 files are very similar to MP3 files in terms of how they work and how they are compressed. Just like MP4 files, MP3 files do not affect the sound quality. The main difference between the two is that MP4 files contain both audio and video, whereas MP3 files are only audio files.

That’s All, Folks!

If you are someone who edits or creates videos, you should know that MP4 is the most important format you should have your video in. It is the preferred video format by most businesses and platforms, which makes it ideal for sharing.

Now that you know how to save videos as MP4 in Kdenlive, go ahead and try it out on your own. It is super simple and only requires four steps!

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