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Best of YouTube – List of Songs You Can Cover on YouTube

YouTube Song Covers

Do you know what works best on YouTube? That’s right, cover songs.

If you are an aspiring singer looking to make it big on YouTube, we have got a list of songs you can cover on YouTube.

Cover songs are a great way to connect with people, your viewers may not know you personally, but they will already know the song, which will help you build a connection with them.

The problem that most people face here is copyright and licensing; how does one determine which songs have a copyright flag, and how does one use music in their videos without ending up without a copyright strike?

You can read more about copyright issues here.

For now, let’s focus on the best songs to cover on YouTube!

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List of Songs You Can Cover on YouTube

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Beginning with a classic, I Will Always Love You has been covered by several singers and musicians. It is a timeless track that allows the singer to showcase their range and pitch.

It is also most likely to grab the viewer’s attention and perform well on YouTube.

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Another classic, Can’t Help Falling in Love, has been one of the best songs to cover on YouTube. One of its most famous covers has been by the Twenty-one Pilots and Kinna Grannis for the movie “Crazy Rich Asians.”

If you’re looking for some inspiration, this is your sign.

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

You can never resist a good Bruno Mars track. If you are just starting with covering songs, this should be your choice. The song itself is beautiful and fairly easy to grasp in the first few tries.

So, don’t hesitate, give it a go!

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

James Arthur is known for his mesmerizing voice and heart-touching lyrics. If you want to cover something classic and slow, this is the best song to cover on YouTube.

The song allows you to showcase your singing skills truly, and you could even try it the A capella way.

It’s You by Ali Gatie

If you are looking to express yourself, whether that is concerned with your feelings or your singing range, It’s You is one of the best songs to cover on YouTube.

You could probably add free non-licensed music to the background to further enhance your voice.

Halo by Beyonce

Beyonce is such a legend when it comes to singers; we believe Halo is one of the best songs to cover on YouTube because you get the chance to practice your pitch.

Want to figure out if it’s copyrighted? Learn about that here.

All of Me by John Legend

Another beautifully sung and composed track. As his name suggests, John Legend is truly a legend when it comes to romantic tunes.

If you are looking to cover something slow, sweet, and moving, then this is your song.

Airplanes by B.o.B

Grab a friend and start vocalizing! Airplanes are a great start when it comes to songs to cover on YouTube; it’s got great lyrics and catchy tunes that should get you groovingimmediately.

Let’s Get Jamming to Some YouTube Covers!

List of YouTube Songs to Cover

Are you feeling motivated to sing yet? So many classics, so many beats, how can one resist?

We hope this blog helped you choose which songs to cover on YouTube. As previously mentioned, YouTube has a huge audience for cover artists; so many famous artists today were first recognized from their covers.

If you are looking to be discovered or sell your melodies, you are on the right path!

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