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Lite Music Production Deep Tech House Pack: All You Need to Know

Lite Music Production Deep Tech House Pack

Lite Music Production Deep Tech House: Developed by Lite Music Production, Deep-Tech House is a bank of preset samples based on the genres Deep House and Tech House. In this bank of presets, you can find several materials collected for work in various styles, including house, deep, deep tech, and more.

Read on to find what’s included in this package, what systems it is compatible with, and what version of Spire synthesizer is supported by Lite Music Production Deep Tech House.

Lite Music Production Deep Tech House – Everything You Need to Know

Deep-Tech House is a presets sample developed by Lite Music Production for Spire, the first-ever software synthesizer. Created by Reveal Sound, Spire uses effects units, filters, and multipurpose oscillators in a digital graphical interface. The tool utilizes wavetable synthesis and combines both the elements of software synthesizers and Analog synthesizers to give you solid results.  

The presets are compatible with both Mac and PC computers, whereas it requires Spire synthesizer version 1.1.13+ to work.

What’s Included in Deep-Tech House?

Deep-Tech House by Lite Music Production carries presets for the Spire synthesizer. These include:

  •  80 Spire presets
  • 13 midi files
  • 4 constructions kits
  • 75 one-shots
  • 39 wav samples

For All Synthwave Music Lovers

Are you a fan of synthwave? Synthwave is a microgenre of electronic music that has been widely associated with media since the 1980s. The synthwave music was mostly used in horror, science-fiction, and action movies of the time. It was also quite popular in the gaming and art arenas, where the music espouses nostalgia among the listeners.

However, it was not until the late 2000s when this microgenre became popular thanks to the French house producers and up-and-coming artists who drew inspiration from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The movie Drive, released in 2011, contributed to the genre’s popularity and helped the synth-wave movement gain worldwide popularity as most of the movie’s soundtracks belonged to this genre.

Today, everyone is obsessed with synth wave music, a part of both underground and modern mainstream music. But how is synth-wave music produced? Well, by using a synthesizer! In order to produce great quality synth-wave music, you need a powerful synthesizer.

But before we get into that, let’s take a minute to understand how sounds work. Whenever something vibrates, it creates a vibration in the air around it, which is captured by our ears and converted into messages that our brains perceive as sounds.

A synthesizer mimics this process. However, instead of a vibrating vocal chord or a guitar string, the vibration is created by an electrical signal that can be slowed down, sped up, or altered in ways that are not possible in the case of natural acoustic sounds. That’s what the Spire synthesizer does too.

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Using Deep-Tech House Presets with Spire

With the help of Deep-Tech House presets, you can create awesome synthwave music in Spire. Whether you are a DJ at a club, a music artist, or just someone who loves partying and electronic music, you are in luck because these presets will help you create the best synthwave music for various occasions.

These presets can come in handy if:

  • You are creating synthwave music to be played during your gaming sessions or when streaming your gameplays on Twitch or YouTube.
  • You are having a party at your home and would like to host your own version of the Tomorrowland festival.
  • You are just an electronic music lover who wants to create a super nostalgic playlist for your late-night drives.
  • You are creating your own music for your YouTube vlogs, streams, or video content.
  • You are a music creator producing synthwave music for your clients.

Ready to Produce Some Super Cool Music?

Priced at $19.90, Lite Music Production, Deep-Tech House is a pretty great deal for synthwave lovers who know their way around using the Spire synthesizer. Listen to the demo music before you make a purchase decision.

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