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6 Most Used Sound Effects by Vloggers & YouTubers

Vlogger \ YouTuber using a sound effect in his video

It’s no secret vloggers and YouTubers are more prone to use sound effects than other members of the video production community. There is a tendency among vloggers to overuse certain sound clips or combinations of sounds effects on their videos. This is in a bid to create the illusion that they have created a special video instead of other videos.

Most used sound effects by vloggers or YouTubers can be heard in any number of videos that you can find online. This editing was popularized by online video creators that focus on providing the best quality in visual content.

Here are a few sound effects that are majorly used.

Most Common Types of SFX Vloggers and YouTubers Use

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Scary Sound Effects

This type of effect is used to express a moment of horror or cringe by the vlogger. For example, there are several scary moments in a video to keep the audience scared and anxious. Some examples of these scary sound effects can be found in “Resident Evil” and “Scream.”

Even though they may sound very simple, they give a great sense of fright and excitement. The character movements and sounds are very realistic and terrifying. These intense scenes create an indescribable impact that is very thrilling and exciting.

Glass Breaking SFX

This is one of the most used sound effects. However, it doesn’t work well when it’s not filmed in an environment that’s reflective. If you want your glass-breaking effect to work well, ensure that the shooting is in an environment with transparent glass. It can be surprisingly easy to do this.


This is where multiple sound clips are compressed into one single chunk. An example of this effect would be a single shot of someone speaking over a crowded street. The individual clips are then re-occurred in different portions of the movie. This builds up the illusion that there is a continuous stream of dialogue going on throughout the film.

Clipping Noises

Sound effects machines for vloggers and youtubers

This is where they will cut out parts of a soundtrack to put together their audio. For example, if a voice is conversing, then they may cut out the very start of the voice and resume talking after a few seconds.

This technique is often used when creating terrifying videos as it creates an atmosphere of panic and suspense. However, it is also used to enhance or add some character to a scene.

Metallic Sound

The final most used sound effects by vloggers or YouTubers is the “metallic sound.” Metallic sounds are those that are created when something is hit. Metal can be broken down into several different elements, and metals are commonly used for this effect. Examples of elements used in metallic sound effects are gunfire, explosions, footsteps, and the like.

What do You Think About the Most Used SFX by Bloggers and YouTubers?

A vlogger using sound effect in his YouTube video or vlog

It is also common for them to use “distortions” when they are editing. With distortions, a certain sound level is introduced that makes the sound seem to have been taken from another source in the scene. The purpose of this effect is to suggest that the audience is missing something. It can be heard more clearly if the audience is positioned a few feet away from the source of the distortion.

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