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Great Music for Animated & Cartoon Videos

Background music for animated cartoon videos

Searching for the most entertaining, engaging, and light-mood music for your cartoons is not a simple task. We are here to introduce you to the best options of music clips for animated videos, and to give you some useful tips on the picking process out of a wide selection of music libraries out there.

Take Your Animations to the Next Level

Are you a talented animator struggling to get noticed? Do your business’ animated videos leave something to be desired? Are your animated sales videos or commercials not converting enough customers?

If so, you may be looking for ways to take your animated videos to the next level.

Music is one way to do this. Adding royalty-free music to your videos can make them memorable, entertaining, and even iconic.

The music that you choose to use for your animated videos can make them more memorable and more impactful on the people who watch them.

Where You Can Get Music for Animated Videos

Cartoon character playing music for animated video

Good news: You do not have to contact a composer to have expensive or specialized soundtracks made for all of your business and personal animated videos anymore.

Today you can download and purchase music to use in the background of your animated videos quickly and easily online in approximately 3 clicks of a button.

Fortunately, there are no special skills or special services required to access these libraries of music.

Check out different online music retailers before selecting a favorite. Look at their prices, their reviews, and their music availability.

Find an online storefront that offers music in a variety of genres that suit your videos.

When Background Royalty-Free Music Meets Animations

When the background royalty-free music meets your caricature work, the project starts to come together.

Even with dialogue, there can be emptiness and lack of emotion in animated videos that do not have any music in the background.

Music adds the emotion and impact that animated videos need.

Quirky vintage music might be utilized for funny videos while sad classical music may be used for charity videos.

When the right music meets the right video, you will know it. The right music will immediately click, and mesh with the video seamlessly as though it was there all along.

What About When Music Clashes with Animation?

If the music clashes with your animation, you can risk confusing people or making an unappealing video.

For example, you may have developed a hilarious animated cartoon video.

The right upbeat music can keep people interested and alert. Funny sound effects and silly music can add extra giggles.

‘Tiny Toy Inventions” by Avocado Junkie

Now, what if you were to use angry heavy metal music over the top of your silly animated video instead?

This might confuse viewers and even cause them to turn the video off.

One of the main goals you should aim for when adding royalty-free music to an animated video is to keep the viewer’s eye on the screen longer, getting him engaged with the whole experience.

Download Ukulele or Funny Beats for Cartoon Videos

Background music played in a cartoon video with funny bunny

The ukulele is a unique instrument that not everyone recognizes the sound of at first.

Ukulele music can be found on a variety of different royalty-free music sites. Funny beats can also be found on a variety of different royalty free music sites.

Kidz Stuff by Delbony

Both of these genres are perfect for upbeat and entertaining animated videos.

Ukulele music is a more fun alternative to standard acoustic guitar music often used in the background of videos. It can give a gentle and lighthearted feeling to the viewer.

Choosing the Right Jingle for Your Instructional Video

Not all jingles have to have memorable lyrics.

If you are making an instructional video, the main thing that you will want to take into account when selecting music for the video is the length.

Make sure that you have chosen music long enough to fill the entire duration of the video. If the music you have chosen does not play for long enough, you may want to edit it to play longer by slowing it down or repeating it after the ending.

“Manhattan Twist” by Avocado Junkie

You can also buy more songs to your video’s soundtrack after the first song to prevent any dead air. It usually works great with video montages.

If you will be using two or more different jingles, make sure that they go together smoothly.

Matching Music to Video Themes

Man editing his animated video with upbeat inspiring happy music

The music you use for your animated videos should always reflect the theme or message of the video.

If your video has a serious or dramatic message, you can use serious, dramatic, or even cinematic music.

For example, if you are trying to get donations for a charity, you may want to use sad, serious, or dramatic-sounding music over the top of your video.

Instrumental piano music is a great choice for this kind of animated video.

“We Can Make It Together” by Joshua Spacht

If your video is fast-paced and extreme, use some classic sports soundtrack, inspiring music to make the video extra memorable.

Royalty Free Music Save You Money in the Long Run

When producing videos, you need to weigh the financial pros and cons of the choices that you make during the video production process.

Royalty free music can potentially be more expensive when you initially purchase it, but there are no hidden fees over time.

Contracts that involve royalty payouts to specific artists can be difficult to navigate and expensive in the long run. You may even need to consult with a lawyer when paying out royalties.

Prevent Your Cartoons from Getting into Legal Trouble

Many people ask, “Why not just use pop music from the radio as background music for all of my animated videos? After all, it is easy to download popular music for free with the click of a button, who cares?”

The law does and your business should too.

It is illegal to use music without permission to create videos whether they are professional sales videos or amateur hobby projects.

If it can be seen online, you can be sued for illegal use. You can easily avoid any legal trouble by using high-quality royalty-free music instead.

Music is Memorable. It Makes Your Videos Memorable Too.

Memories from funny animated music videos

Your animated videos should be memorable, no matter what they are about.

The music that you choose for your video should keep the viewer watching but it should also keep the viewer thinking about the video after it is over.

Catchy music that gets stuck in the viewer’s head can keep the content of the video stuck in their head as well.

How many times have you purchased something after getting a jingle stuck in your head? Consider the Big Mac jingle for example.

Sometimes the best thing to do is get a song stuck in someone’s head.