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Background Music & SFX for Audiobooks to Engage Your Listeners

Headphones playing background music for audiobooks

Choosing and placing the perfect music for your audiobooks – Why it is so important, and what are the best sources of music you can use now?

Imagine a movie or a TV show without music. While the movie or show may be expertly directed and have a great storyline with superb acting, it won’t be very engaging without music. The same goes for audiobooks that don’t have music and other audible effects.

Music for audiobooks makes the story more exciting and gets listeners more involved in the story. While you don’t need the same music and effects you find in movies and TV, music envokes emotions, adds suspense, and sets your story’s pace. Here are a few more ways music can make your audiobook more engaging.

Music for Audiobooks Increase Listeners Interest

Woman listening to music for audiobooks

Reading is a joy that everyone should experience. Listening to the audiobook with music in the background, though not necessary for the enjoyment of the said book, can be an enjoyable and immersive experience – one in which you might find yourself more engaged than reading alone.

Helping the audience listen to some great tunes as they dive into their latest bestseller will provide hours of entertainment while traveling or working out at home; it also does wonders when doing chores around the house and generally attracts better reviews and recommendations on the audiobook.

The most significant benefit of adding music to your audiobook is getting listeners more involved in the story. Like any other story, an audiobook should take readers into another world, and a world without music and sound can be very one-dimensional.

Background music is generally used for chapter and book introductions, opening credits, and closing credits, but you can use music for better audience engagement throughout the narration.

The key to using music successfully in your audiobook is choosing the best royalty-free music for your story and incorporating the music in the right places.

If you’re ready to start downloading royalty-free music for your audiobook, here’s our list of the best royalty-free music websites.

Add Drama and Suspense

During the narration of a suspenseful scene, you don’t want happy or cheerful music playing in the background.

A suspenseful or dramatic scene needs music that matches the scene by creating more suspense and enhancing the drama.

Also, during romance scenes, music should be light and romantic such as a saxophone or piano melody.

Enhance the Setting of Your Audiobook’s Music Scenes

Music can also take your listeners to other locations. For example, if the narration takes the listeners to a beach in Mexico, you could enhance the scene with ocean sounds and a light Mexican guitar in the scene’s opening narration.

Keep in mind that music for an audiobook is designed to enhance the narration and not overpower the narrator’s voice. Too much or the wrong type of music can confuse your listeners and cause them to lose interest in your story.

Sound-FXs Combined With Music Make for Great Storytelling

Illustration of sound effects for audiobooks

Adding a touch of sound effects to your story can enhance the music and bring out emotional reactions in your listeners. Music for audiobooks doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Music can be as simple and a single note or a short series of notes.

Sound effects can include natural sounds like wind, rain, or waves. Nature sounds can bring listeners deeper into your story and create a bond with the characters. If there’s a scene where it’s raining, add the sound of rainfall to create a bond between the audience and the character.

Getting your listeners to relate to what the characters in your story are going through separates a good audiobook from a great one. Combining music with sound FX is a great way to get listeners to bond with your story’s characters.

Using music for audiobooks is an excellent way to attract and hold listeners’ attention to your story. By using dramatic, funny, suspenseful, and other types of ambient royalty-free background music, you set the mood for your audience during each scene and make them a part of your story.

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