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Background Music for Cooking Videos & Food Vloggers

A cooking video with background royalty-free music

Choosing background music for cooking videos: Which tunes will suit vloggers for their next cooking video or TikTok best? Here are some tips on how to pick great melodies for your foodie channel or vlog, and where to grab it from.

If you make cooking videos or assist somebody who does, then you know that the process requires a lot more than just cooking a delicious meal.

In addition to good cooking skills, people who produce food videos also need to have excellent video filming skills, good lighting, clear and interesting narration, quality editing, and great background music.

Whether you make professional cooking videos or make them on the hobbyist level homemade, it is generally a good idea to find a site where you can download royalty-free music that can be used without any hidden or extra fees.

Your Cooking Videos Should Be Engaging and Appetizing

Appetizing viewers on cooking video with the right background music and sounds

Background music for cooking videos should be happy, upbeat, and non-distracting.

Whether you run a cooking vlog, post short clips on social media, or have a full YouTube channel, it is important in each and every case that you select good background music for the videos.

Music that is too heavy, that is too depressing, or that creates an ominous or negative mood can make food look unappetizing and unappealing.

The goal is for viewers to continue watching videos to the end once they start them, and to have them return to view more video content later as well. Great background music can help to accomplish this.

No Need to Break the Bank Paying to License Popular Music for Cooking Videos

Copyright-free music is just as good as expensive popular music, if not better when it comes to making food-themed videos.

You do not have to break the bank in order to get a song or SFX license for cooking videos. Once you have found a reputable website from which to purchase background music, check out their reviews and sample clips in order to make sure that you have found the perfect vendor.

Then you can move forward and select specific tracks for all of your video needs.

Best Types of Music for Cooking Videos

Music played in the background of a cooking video on vlogger's YouTube

When selecting music to accompany cooking videos, it is important to consider the genre and the type of video.

If you are making an international dish, you may wish to pair the video with music that corresponds to the nation of origin for the dish.

For example, a sushi video might pair well with some royalty-free traditional Japanese music. Likewise, a paella video may pair well with salsa music or Latin jazz. If you are cooking a dish from decades past, try some retro-inspired music for added flare.

If you create full-length videos, you may want to select longer tracks, whereas short clips only require snippets. You can take the example of Tasty for some great cooking video ideas, and look at how they mix the right music in their videos.

Also, if your video only requires a short snippet, be sure to listen to the entire track to find the most appropriate snippet for the clip.

How to Use Royalty Free Background Music with Cooking Videos

The first step to finding royalty-free background music for a cooking video is to find a music vendor.

Select a vendor with fair prices, an easy-to-use/ navigate website, good reviews, and a wide selection of music. If there is a particular genre or style of music that you prefer, make sure that the website has adequate options in that genre or style.

Test a few different songs with each video to ensure that you have found the best fit possible. Make your final purchases, save your sounds, and then continue on to make an excellent video that will entertain and educate all of your viewers.

Things to Keep in Mind When Editing and Mixing

Foodie vlog presenting a cooking video with background non-copyrighted music

If you speak during your cooking video, you will want to mix the music with the dialogue so that the music is much quieter in comparison to your voice.

It is also a good idea to opt for instrumental selections that will not have any lyrics to distract from the words that you are speaking.

If your video simply shows text instructions on the screen, you may wish to mix the music a little bit louder to keep viewers engaged and entertained while watching the demonstration and reading the instructions. Your music choices should be upbeat and compatible but not distracting.

If You Are Successful…

If you are successful in your choices and your application when it comes to finding music for cooking videos, then your videos will begin to appear more professional. This is likely to improve viewership.

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