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Top Background Music Options for Dramatic Scenes

Dramatic scene in action with dramatic background music
Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic by StudioKarma

If you create video content, then you probably already know how important it is to use the right music for all of your video creations.

The right music can help you better connect with your viewers and better get your point across too.

If your video features dramatic scenes, then it is especially important to add the right music during the video editing process.

The right background music can add suspense, emotion, drama, and more to your video content.

This is true for short films, documentaries, feature-length films, commercials, vlogs, and any other kinds of videos that might contain dramatic scenes.

How Does the Right Dramatic Background Music Transform a Video?

Shooting and editing drama act or session with the right background dramatic music

Without background music, dramatic scenes can feel awkward, hollow, and forced.

They need something more than just dialogue and sound effects.

Take this 25 most dramatic scenes for example. The right music can transform awkward moments into limitless sources of possibility.

Dramatic Emotional Cinematic Piano Trailer by AudiophileTrax

Music fills the spaces between words and sounds so that people stay engaged and interested in the content they are viewing.

It helps to shape the environment where the action will take place and plot points will unfold.

Many people have an emotional reaction to music. Sad music and inspiring music can be used to give viewers goosebumps and even make them cry during the right moments.

People are often more likely to remember videos that cause them to feel a deeper sense of emotional connection.

How to Download Royalty-Free Music

If you need to obtain royalty-free music for your video content you may not know where to start. You do not need any expensive memberships or super-personalized licenses to purchase copyright-free music to use for your video content.

Online, you can easily search for a reputable music vendor that sells copyright-free music for video creators.

Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano by Slav-Media

Make sure to select a vendor with great music, great prices, and a safe, reliable website.

Also, you need to make sure that all of the genres that you want to utilize are represented and that you have plenty of song options that are the length you need. Then, you can simply add the tracks directly to your computer and insert them into your video projects.

Benefits Associated with Using Copyright Free Music

Copyright-free music can make your videos more memorable.

If your focus is sales, the right music has the potential to help you increase your total sales numbers. If your goal is making an impact on the emotions of your viewer, then the right copyright-free music can also be useful in helping to make that impact.

Copyright-free music can also help you to save money in the long run. When you use royalty-free music, you do not have to worry about future royalty payouts or potential lawsuits related to your music choices.

How to Mix Background Music for Dramatic Scenes

Pianist playing music for a dramatic scene in a video or sad film

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It is important to mix your sound correctly when adding background music to your video content.

It should never be too soft to hear or so loud as to overwhelm.

Dramatic Uplifting Background Rock Intro by AudiophileTrax

Make sure that you can still hear dialogue and sound effects. For some types of scenes, like death scenes, you may want to use more soft or subtle music. For other scenes like fight scenes, you may want to create more contrast by using louder music.

Make sure to blend your dramatic music into the rest of your soundscape to create an even overall experience.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Background Music?

If you use the wrong background music, you can easily ruin an entire film project.

Imagine a horror film with a cheerful ukulele soundtrack or a Viking movie with country-rock acoustic guitar ballads.

These choices clash and create dissonance and confusion.

The wrong music can confuse your viewers and cause them to stop viewing your content, either by turning it off or just turning their attention away from it.

When you use the wrong background music, people may even make negative comments about your video content, either online or in person.

Background Music for Sad Scenes

Guitarists playing dramatic music for a sad scene in a short movie

Heartbreaking scenes need the right music.

Whether they are real or imagined, the unhappy scenes in movies can have a real impact on viewers.

Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano by Slav-Media

The right soft piano music or pained acoustic guitar chords can make viewers tear up while watching sad scenes.

Emotionally painful scenes that might need appropriately matching background music include death scenes, hospital scenes, funeral scenes, or breakup scenes.

Background Music for Intense Scenes

Epic battle scenes, plane crashes, and other intense scenes need the right music too.

When selecting background music for scenes like these, focus on impact.

Find music that can create a real adrenaline rush for the viewer and put them at the very edge of their seat.

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