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Music for Dropshipping Ads – Why You Should Be Using It?

Background Music played for dropshipping ads

Picking the right music for your dropshipping business ads – Why is it the best investment for your online advertising process, and where do you need to start?

Wherever you have set up your online dropshipping presence, be it Amazon, Shopify, or eBay, the only realistic way to create brand awareness is through online advertising.

It’s no secret that videos ads convert better than banner ads. One of the most overlooked aspects of video ads is the music playing in the background. It’s usually only given minor consideration but it can be the element that makes or breaks an advertising campaign.

Let’s talk about the positive outcomes dropshippers who advertise themselves online enjoy when they use music in their marketing campaigns.

Why You Should Advertise Your Products with Music

Guitar music for dropshipping ads

Advertising products with music gives your products a professional edge. Whether you publish a product review ad or a product unboxing video with music, It creates brand awareness by letting the audience develop emotional connections with your products.

These connections are precious commodities, especially in eCommerce. Trust is gained through these connections and this will undoubtedly increase your conversion rates.

You hired designers for your logo and overall look. You’ve researched your demographics. You work with suppliers to get the best quality products.

Why would you use cookie-cutter music that everyone has heard repeatedly in their feeds? Do you really want to sell fishing gear using the same music in your ads that someone else uses to sell barbeque grills? It dilutes your brand and your company fades into the ether.

Some people think free music collections are fine. Some of the music is pretty great, but if you want to build brand awareness, you need to get past the free stuff that the rest of the world is using and invest a little more money into your business.

Success Stories of e-Commerce Stores Using Music

Successful dropshipping business advertisement with background music

Let’s take a look at the most popular e-commerce brands.

  • Etsy
  • Nike
  • Target
  • Apple

They all invest tons of resources for background music in their videos. They’re all enjoying the fruits of their investments. Their audience finds a little bit of joy by their uplifting commercials background music, mixed with the colored videos.

The exposure of video ads mixed with great music leaves the potential clients with a good experience.

If you’re thinking about re-marketing your dropshipping business, In many cases, when people listen to a good song or instrumental piece played in the background of an ad, they often hope to stumble across that ad again in the future, which means increasing the chance of a sale even more.

Choosing Music for Your Online Ads

Picking the background music for dropshipping advertisements isn’t hard. This isn’t a time for personal taste to influence your choices. Your target demographic determines the genre of music for dropshipping ads.

Boomers like Classic Rock and Adult Alternative and Country appeals to the Outdoorsman market, but if you’re dropshipping watches to men under thirty, Hip Hop would be more appropriate.

Where to Acquire Music for Your Dropshipping Business

Where to get music for dropshipping ads

Finding music for dropshipping ads is easy as long as you stick to buying royalty free music and you purchase it through a distribution company.

Royalty free music is ideal because musicians work out the payment structure with the licensing house and you simply pay a flat fee for its usage.

The fees these days are very reasonable. Your business isn’t put in a position where paying for one song matches your entire design budget.

Just to be clear, the free in Royalty Free means you pay for the music license once and can use it as many times as you want without paying royalties. By purchasing a license, you know the origin of the music. You don’t have to worry about putting your business at risk for being sued by unknowingly using music that wasn’t meant to be free.

The advantage of working with a music distribution house is they build catalogs with their artists. This means you can easily find that musician’s work again, which is crucial if you want to create a distinct connection with your customer base.

Use background music to stand out from the competition and put a professional touch on your video ads.

Free Audio Sources You Can Use Now

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If you’re looking to start with some free resources, here are our recommendations: