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Music for Fortnite Video Montages

Editing music for Fortnite video montages

A video montage is a great way to commemorate your Fortnite wins, no matter what gear you use. Whether it’s building up the drama with an eerie song or using Jason Mraz for some upbeat vibes, we’re here to bring you the best music recommendations for your next Fortnite video montages.

Players around the world get excited about how good they are at playing multiplayer games like Fortnite and want nothing more than their victories on record forever through various videos that can be shared across social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. When looking for songs in particular though there seem to be two general approaches: either add tension by choosing spooky tunes (like “Crypts” from John William’s The Exorcist) or go with something lighthearted but still epic-sounding.

Here I will explain to you how to spice up your Fortnite video montage with good background music so that it will always represent you to your followers as the number one champion.

What is Fortnite?

Players choosing music for Fortnite video montages

Fortnite (formally known as Save the World in 2017) is an online multiplayer game set in a dystopian modern world where 98% of Earth’s population suddenly disappears. The remaining humans are forced to contend with zombie-like creatures that emerge from the ground and attack anyone who comes near their homes.

Positioned as a survival game, players either scavenge for supplies and build fortifications around them or engage in combat with other players who do the same to survive.

Have you already created a video montage from your Fortnite gameplay experience? If not, what are you waiting for? Creating video montages from your Fortnite matches so that others can enjoy it as well is a great way to start creating content for your YouTube channel or gaming blog.

So, How Do You Find the Best Music for Fortnite Montages?

As discussed in previous articles on royalty-free music, choosing the right music for your videos is very important because it greatly determines how your content will be perceived by viewers.

Whether you are a pro player or a newbie, the right background music in your Fortnite gameplay can bring you to the spotlights. Also, if you are just getting started with the video editing thing, we recommend checking our list of the best free music video editing software out there.

5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Music for Fortnite Video Montages

Tips on choosing background music for Fortnite video montages
  1. You need to consider the genre of video you’re creating. If solving puzzles, surviving zombie attacks and building fortifications is what your video is all about, then a more serious, melancholy tone is a good fit. If your video is about doing crazy stunts and killing other players with energy blasts from your weapon, then more upbeat music is a better choice.
  2. You need to consider the length of the video you’re creating as well. A longer video requires that you use more complex or numerous transitions in between clips. You can do this by adding a soundtrack with multiple parts or by editing multiple videos and splicing them together.
  3. You also need to consider the mood that you want your video montage to exude. For example, if you are creating an action-packed video, you’d need to use fast-paced music with loud beats and sounds. Whether the music is instrumental or has vocals, both styles work well for this genre.
  4. In general, you want your music to match the video editing style that you’re using in your project. If you are cutting clips together manually by moving them around the screen with a mouse or trackpad, stick with easy-to-follow melodies. However, if you are using video editing software that allows you to control the music via audio cues and sound effects (e.g. Sony Vegas) then your music can have more complex themes with a lot of changes in tempo and volume.
  5. Finally, keep it short. Most videos don’t need longer than 3-5 minutes of music to remain entertaining. If you try to make it longer, viewers will start losing interest and your video quality will suffer as well. Try out a couple of different royalty-free songs on this list below (play the video) before making a final choice for the main theme of your video montage.
YouTube Video: Top 10 Best Songs to Use for Your Fortnite Video Montages

Want more help looking for quality music for your video montages? Contact us today or visit this link, and start creating some amazing video content today!