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How to Pick Music for Your Homemade Videos?

Music for homemade videos

When you’re creating video content, one of your top priorities is usually in regards to how you can drive up views and increase the visibility of your content. One of the best ways in which you can spice up your videos is by using music in the background. Unfortunately, many content creators are unaware of issues regarding copyright infringement when they pick out the music they want to feature in the background of their videos. This can lead to a cease and desist letter being delivered by the copyright holder. In some cases, a lawsuit may be filed and monetary damages are perused. Here are a few reasons why you should consider royalty free music for homemade videos.

Music Offers a Human Connection to Your Audience

Music is an important ingredient when it comes to filming a great video. For novice video creators, the goal is to create a professional-looking production. You may be thinking that your singing voice or offbeat humor will save you from sounding like an amateur but it doesn’t work that way; unfortunately, there’s no substitute for practice and skill when producing these creative projects.

Homemade videos can be everything you create with very little to no cost. It can be a DIY video, a training music video, a music videos montage and even a Fortnite music video montage, Music is highly emotive for most people. There is a reason why you may turn to particular songs when you are feeling happy or sad. When you use background music in your videos, you are able to tap into your audience’s emotions and feelings. Royalty free music is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, as well as add to your video’s overall appeal.

Here are some playlist ideas for your next homemade film, in storyblocks.

Further the Storyline of Your Video With Musical Selections

Are you looking to inspire your audience with your video, or do you want to create an air of suspense? The appropriate use of music in your homemade video can further enhance your content, making it more enjoyable, or memorable, for your audience. The perfect background track can transform a lackluster video into a great one, which will keep your audience coming back for more.

Royalty Free Music Means Bigger Paychecks for Your Content

Using Royalty Free Music for Videos

While you may have your personal list of favorite music, you’ll quickly find out that having to pay royalties to use a popular track can become quite costly. While musicians from smaller, less well-known record companies may only require a couple of hundred dollars to use their track, more well-known and popular recording artists may charge several thousand dollars, and that is if they agree to allow you to use their song. Using a royalty-free track means that you will only pay a small amount one time in order to use that track. Once you’ve made that purchase, you’re able to use that track to your heart’s content without incurring any additional fees. This eventually leads to a bigger paycheck if you’ve monetized your content online.

Music Can Help Drive Home Your Message

Transmitting the right message with music for homemade videos

There’s a reason why organizations and politicians like to use background music commercially in their informational, or campaign, videos. Sometimes, it can be more challenging to keep your viewers engaged, especially if your video is trying to address a specific topic or message. Background music can add interest and intrigue to your content and can help you get your message across much more effectively.

Tips for Shooting & Mixing Music in Your Next Homemade Video

For those who want their homemade videos to look as polished as possible, and mix perfectly with the music, here are some tips you should know:

  • Record on high-quality audio equipment so the sound or background music isn’t muffled by background noise and, instruments don’t get drowned out with other sounds.
  • Capture footage in 1080p HD (or higher) at 60 frames per second if available using either a DSLR camera or smartphone equipped with stabilizing lenses.
  • Add discretion about what shots should be taken or taken down for the video theme. Always think about what could be more harmful than helpful to your audience.

There’s no doubt about it, the greatest tip is that the right music choices can help make your content unforgettable to your viewers. Royalty free music is a perfect option for people who are looking to enhance their online content or home videos. By finding the right music for homemade videos, your content has a higher chance of remaining relevant, and you have a higher chance of retaining an engaged audience for years to come.