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Best Background Music for Indian Wedding Video

Dancing to background music in Indian wedding video

Finding the perfect Indian wedding background music for a wedding video isn’t the easiest task. Some freshly married couples prefer authentic music, and some prefer modern music in their wedding videos. Which one should you use for your next Indian wedding video project, and where can you download it? Here’s all you need to know.

Diwali Festival

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Are you planning an Indian wedding? Or a video photographer who is looking to spice up your next wedding video project?

Perhaps it’s your first and you’re nervous about getting every little detail right, or maybe you’ve been to other weddings and want to incorporate some of the ideas from those celebrations into your own day, whether it’s food, flower arrangements, the clothes people wear or the music that is played at the reception.

If you’re considering using royalty-free background music at your wedding, there are many things to consider before choosing which tracks to play on your special day.

Here are some suggestions on how to find the perfect Indian wedding background music for your video.

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Royalty Free Indian Background Music for Your Wedding Video

Indian wedding day - Perfect background music playlist for the video

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There are many factors to consider when choosing royalty-free Indian Wedding Background Music.

First, you must figure out how much you want to spend on your audio and what kind of a budget you have in mind for your event.

Once you’ve determined that, then you can look at various sources for your audio and find songs that will best fit your event.

If you go through a professional DJ or company, they might already have some stock royalty-free Indian wedding background music that they can play at your event; but if not, there are plenty of places online where you can buy downloadable albums of songs.

Does Absolutely Free Music Exist?

In your quest to find royalty-free Indian wedding background music, you may come across a lot of sites claiming to offer royalty-free Indian wedding background music but will end up being an elaborate scam.

Before investing time and money in these sites, it’s a good idea to understand what this is, why you need the song license and what are the reasonable costs.

As opposed to purchasing individual songs at high prices or paying high licensing fees for every song you use in your videos, there are some trusted high-quality sources that offer you to pay a very small fee for a song or a sound effect license, OR a monthly subscription for the entire music library that with unlimited usage license without any further charges.

This gives you peace of mind that regardless of how many videos you make using different tracks from that site, there will be no additional charges beyond the monthly subscription fee.

How to Choose the Best Authentic or Modern No Copyright Music

Authentic Indian background music used for the best wedding video

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Royalty-free music makes finding just the right track for your project a breeze.

But how do you know which royalty-free song is best? After all, there are plenty of providers to choose from and thousands of different tracks.

To help you find royalty-free music tracks, we’ve put together a list of some common factors to consider when choosing royalty-free wedding background music:

  1. Style
  2. Gender
  3. Language
  4. Length
  5. Mood
  6. Copyright
  7. Reputation
  8. Price.

Why Choose Any Music Downloads?

Wedding songs for videos have become increasingly more difficult as guests are expecting a certain type of entertainment at different parts of your big day. As a result, choosing one main form of entertainment isn’t enough to keep guests happy.

Adding on multiple DJs or bands can lead to overpaying for more than you need, and a lack of proper coordination between each act.

The best solution is to find one company that provides high-quality beats and music services, taking away your stress while keeping up with today’s event-guest expectations.

Any Music Downloads is partnered with many music artists, producers, and distributors of music worldwide.

Many high-quality Indian wedding background music sources are available for use worldwide, including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and all over India.

Check out this link to browse & download the music for your next Indian wedding video.

Tips to Consider When Selecting Background Music For Indian Wedding Video

Indian girls dancing to background music for Indian wedding video

The music at an Indian wedding is what sets the mood and keeps the party going, so it’s important to choose the right background music clip for your Indian wedding video.

Here are some of the top ways to consider when choosing background music for your Indian wedding video.

Background Dancing Music

The Hindu wedding ceremony is traditionally a six-hour affair, including a variety of dances that may not fit well with a typical western-style playlist. Your background music for an Indian wedding video can be digital gold if chosen properly.

A great example of this genre is Filtr India’s Spotify playlist for Indian weddings.

Best South Indian Music

Weddings in India are typically joyous occasions, complete with ceremonial memories and traditional music.

If you’re planning a wedding abroad, you’ll probably want to provide your guests with some background music (particularly if they aren’t familiar with Hindu music).

To create an authentic experience, use Indian instrumental or vocal recordings.

Punjabi Songs

If you’re looking for background music that won’t distract guests or camera operators from what’s happening in front of them, then using Punjabi songs is your best bet.

You may also want to consider a popular Bollywood song if there is one that means something special to you or your family.

Whatever you decide, you might want to stick with a single genre—plural music will only confuse things.

Marathi Songs

Find background music for an Indian wedding video with the lyrics in Marathi, a regional language spoken in western India.

It is native to Marathi people and an official language of Maharashtra state.

Music from Bollywood films is primarily composed in Hindustani classical music and native styles, such as Kirtan, Bhajan, Thumri, and Ghazal that have found a national audience through filmi music.

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