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How to Pick Background Music for Interviews?

Employer interviewing a job applicant with background music

Using background music for interviews: Whether you’re interviewing online at Zoom or if it is a frontal interview face to face, relaxing or happy background music can soothe the air for your conversation and your interviewee, and reveal interesting features in him. Let’s talk about why you should use background music in interview sessions, and how you can find it.

There’s that timeless old saying that “music makes the world go round.” Songs, notes, lyrics, and melodies not only make the world go round but the nuances of music can create an enticing and captivating product that sells to millions.

Background music is one thing, but background music for interviews can take the entire experience to a whole new level for target audiences.

The importance of sound effects when conducting interviews has to include a style that coincides with the musical artist and the interviewee.

Too often, there’s a disconnect between what type of song or melody is playing in the background during a Q&A session, which leads to distraction and an inability to grasp the messaging behind the voices that need to be heard.

Interview background music has to be at the core of a powerful brand that is aiming to break into their genre with licensed tunes that don’t require royalty fees and also encourages affiliate links to publicize (and popularize) their songs to the digital marketing space.

So how is this done?

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Why Choose Background Music for Interviews?

Background lounge music played for interviews

Have you ever tuned into a podcast or live session where the interviewer’s voice is rather tense or boring, and the entire back-and-forth between the person conducting the interview and the guest being interviewed could desperately use some background music?

Create the Right Atmosphere at the Office

The music doesn’t have to be loud or disruptive, but rather in alignment with the topic and the overall vibe of the person being interviewed. Insightful as it is, background music provides a more alluring involvement in what’s being discussed.

What are the Benefits of Quality Background Music Played at Job Interviews?

As head of a campaign or promotional event, or simply wanting to break into the video creation niche, quality background music has to inspire and it has to pump up the volume of the brand being distributed.

Here are some reasons for having the best background music:

  • Brain stimulation
  • Promotes physical well-being
  • Strengthens learning and memory

Royalty-free music, in the context of interview settings, has the ability to completely alter the mood and make you happier and the subject more engaging.

Playing Royalty-Free Background Music in the Workplace

Playing background music in workplace for job candidates

Employees who are dedicated to their jobs and the lasting results of their efforts can also feel that playing background music helps productivity and stress-release.

Employers have the ability to purchase royalty-free music from curated collections that add to the job and are cleared for commercial projects. With a royalty-free music site, an employer essentially purchases the license to whatever series of musical tracks that enhance the workplace environment.

As the employer–or licensee–you are free to use the music in your videos or during interviews, mainly because the company that you bought the license from is the one actually paying the royalties to the original artist or composer.

If you’re considering using music or sound effects licenses for your next interview session, I recommend checking out our article on SFX license vs music license.

Therefore, if you want your employees to have a sense of ease and accomplishment all at the same time, playing background music is the ultimate elixir.

Wrapping Up

If you’re wishing to promote your website or new business, or even have the interview guest feel more relaxed, royalty-free background music is the way to go.

The type of music licensing that allows you to purchase only once and can be used for as long as desired, is the kind of music that will boost the overall mood of the experience and reach audiences in a greater capacity.