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Background Music for School Videos & Projects

Students playing background music for school videos

Whether you are a student or a teacher, teaches or studies in communication, art, or photography courses, or other humane trends studies, you should probably consider adding background music to your school videos and projects. In addition to helping you (if you’re a student) get an excellent grade on the project, I have written you here a few other benefits that background music can give your school videos.

The Missing Ingredient to Your Research Videos

So you’ve done it.

You’ve just finished up that project that you initially procrastinated & dwelled on, then stressfully churned out right before the deadline.

And the thing actually turns out to be pretty damn good. But, despite your hardest labors, there seems to be something missing. Something to top it off and make it a fully completed project.

After some ruminating, you realize what had been on the tip of your tongue the entire time; music. The project is missing a musical piece, and it feels all the more empty because of it.

Many people underestimate the effect of music on creation or presentation, and as such, they often stand the risk of selling themselves extremely short when trying to make an impression.

Music can serve to do many things that both enhance and enliven the experience for your audience or onlookers, and it would be a grave mistake for those that want their best marks to forget the addition of it.

It can be used commercially for advertising, it can be used for training videos, and even as background music for audiobooks.

It also has a great role in school projects, for middle-school or high-school students who want to spice up their educational videos.

And thus, that is precisely the topic that this article will seek to address today.

We will review the topic of background music for learning purposes in school, what its effects can be & how it can enhance your presentation to your audience/classroom & professor/teacher. So with that said, let us get into the details & advantages of adding background music to your completed presentations.

The Advantages of Background Music for School Videos

Advantages of music for school videos

We will now use this section of the article to list off the numerous advantages of making the addition of background music to your school projects, videos, or presentations.

Starting with…

Setting The Tone

The first and most foremost of reasons that you should always add background music to your completed school projects is the fact that it helps set the tone, if not doing so entirely by itself. This is due to the fact that the musical track you choose to accompany your video will inspire emotional responses in those that hear it.

If it’s a particularly powerful track being played, they may feel a sense of awe at the information being presented; if it’s melancholic, a sense of dread, if it’s ambient, it can even help the viewers focus and bring their full attention to it.

Increasing Attention Spans

It has been proven that any degree of passive noise accompanying an activity can serve to increase the attention spans of viewers. They will feel more inclined to “tune in”, so to say, to what the source of the music is presenting and they will be less likely to become distracted. Needless to say, this is a priceless asset for those presenting.

Where to Find Background Music for School Projects?

School video project presentation represented with background music

Now the only question remaining is where to find the music for the school video? These are the best ways to secure some music for school videos…

Royalty-Free Music

By far the best & most efficient way to secure good background music for your school projects is through simply using royalty-free music. Acquiring a royalty-free background track will mean that you have the freedom to use it in any way you see fit, without the worry of legal ramifications.

Licensed Music

Another way is through buying licensed music with royalties or copyrights. This is a nice solution but doesn’t offer the re-usability & low overall cost of royalty-free music.