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Royalty-Free Music to Enhance Your Travel Vlog

Background music for travel vlog

Have you ever been to a place that was so beautiful, but the music playing in the background just didn’t fit? For example, let’s say you walk through an ancient city and hear some modern pop songs. It may be catchy, but it doesn’t give you the right vibe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your soundtrack for your travel vlogs? Well, now, with royalty free music for your travel vlog, it’s possible. How cool would that be?

Ever wanted to make your travel vlog more interesting and immersive? Then, downloading royalty-free music is the perfect way to do it. This blog post will give you ideas on how to choose music for a travel vlog that best reflects your destination, find a free stock footage video, and download both for use.

Using Royalty-Free Music in your Travel Vlog

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Download royalty-free travel songs here

There are many music licenses available for free music. For example, YouTube has a vast selection of songs for travel vlog(s) that you can use in your videos. In addition, Creative Commons offers licensed music to artists who want to waive their copyright \ royalty fees.

Some music is not free but less expensive than the standard market rates. For example, you can browse some of the travel music on my site at this link. However, it does come with a use license and no royalties, so you do not need to worry about copyrights or other legal issues.

Here are a few tips before adding music.

  • Ensure the mood matches what’s happening in the video.
  • Make sure there’s no copyrighted material playing without permission (e.g., background music),
  • Add credits at the end when appropriate.

The Musical & Visual Adventure of Vlogging

Man enjoying adventure music for travel vlog owners

Travel vlogs are videos of people exploring a destination, and music plays an important role. It can be used generally as an adventure video, with music playing a pivotal role in defining atmosphere and mood.

The music can be used as either background music or introduction music, depending on the viewers’ tastes and preferences.

For this travel vlog style to work best, it should consist primarily of royalty-free \ copyright-free music where possible (or make sure you have permission). Regardless of what type of content you choose, I hope these ideas help inspire music that enhances your travel vlog.

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Stand Out with Awesome Cinematic Background Music

Travel Vlog Folk

Download royalty-free travel songs here

You might have noticed that music is a key component of any vlogging. It can make or break the video and sound like an amateur production if you don’t use music carefully! No worries, because I’m going to share some tips on how to add background music for your videos based on the genre.

Music for travel vlog should be light, uplifting, inspiring, and slowly build up into more intense scenes. You could also go for slow love music and soft rock, jazz, orchestral compositions, etc. Make sure to save your favorite playlist, which will serve as the soundtrack of songs for your vlog.

Ideas on How to Save Time Using Music in Your Travel Vlog

Vlogging with the best background travel music

Save money and time on finding the right songs for your videos by using royalty-free music \ copyright-free. Here are some more tips on how to use music in your videos, and I also provide a list of songs that are available for purchase via this link below.

  • Use music as an intro or outro for the video.
  • Add no copyright background music during key points of the video where there may not be any dialogues necessary.
  • Insert music into certain parts of the dialogue, so both visuals and audio remain captivating with no gaps between them.
  • Play music when transitioning from one scene or topic to another within a single video project.

Use Our Free Tool to Find the Perfect Songs for Your Travel Vlog

I also have some tools that will help you find the perfect music for your video projects.

If you are looking for specific “background music” or a specific genre of music, then take a look at my blog post:

Best sources of stock music for your videos projects.

Here I discuss how important it is to choose the right type of royalty-free music and offer tips from experts on what genres work best with different types of content.

This blog post has given you some valuable information on making your travel vlog more exciting and immersive.

We’ve also shown that it doesn’t have to cost a penny! With our royalty-free music, free stock footage video, The sky is the limit for what you can do with your travel videos.

Are there any other questions about this topic you would like us to cover? If so, please let us know in the comments below! Or, if you want help using these resources, we’ve included links where you can get them all at great discounts here.

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