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Top 5 Music Licensing Libraries Accepting Submissions

Music Licensing Libraries Submissions

Music Licensing Libraries Accepting Submissions: Music libraries are a great way to bring yourself into the light. Especially if you have just started your music career. Submitting your music to music licensing libraries can not only help you earn money when your music is used for commercial purposes but also help your name get showcased in the right capacity. To learn about a few musical licensing libraries that are effective and reliable at helping you reach your music goals, you need not search elsewhere. Here are a few music licensing libraries that you can have a look at right away.

The Top Music Licensing Libraries Out There

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is quite a popular music licensing library that connects your social media channels to the right sources. It offers a 30-day free trial as well where you can publish as many tracks as you wish for videos and podcasts etc.

2. Musicbed

With Musicbed you can have a trusted partner for life. The experts here know exactly how to ensure your music is protected and disseminated to the right audiences. You can collaborate with multiple composers and producers on this music licensing platform whether your project has been completed or is in the pipeline.

3. Audiojungle

Audiojungle offers a wide range of benefits such as filtering music tempo, offering market-competitive pricing, and the opportunity to make it big someday! All you have to do is sign up and submit your music by following their simple and easy-to-follow process. From then on, watch your music and tunes reach new avenues like never before!

4. Music Vine

Music Vine is a trusted platform online. You can find some renowned artists and composers on this platform, depicting its professionalism and reliability. Visit their website and check out some of their client reviews as well, they’re sure to leave you content with the services offered here.

5. Artlist

If you’re looking for value for services and high returns, then Artlist has got your back. This music licensing library has a mix of resources that can help you earn up to $100,000 a year! So, get started with the single license with lifetime usage today!  Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Tips On Submitting Your Music

Here are some of the tips to follow and keep in mind while submitting your music to licensing libraries

  • Pick your most innovative and creative works. Try to submit those pieces that are of an adequate length i.e. not more than three minutes’ long
  • Redirect links to the music licensing libraries to your social media platforms
  • Get in touch with music libraries using a professional email address
  • Read the terms and condition of the music licensing library. Some don’t allow other libraries to license the same tunes
Starting your music career the right way

Benefits Of Submitting Music On Licensing Libraries

Music libraries are becoming common these days. This is because of the wide range of benefits they offer. Some of them can be listed down as follows.

  • Music libraries are an effective way to make extra money
  • They are a great and quick way to start your music career
  • Helps your music and talent reach a wider audience

Get Started On Submitting Your Tunes Today!

If you wish to kick start your music career by having your songs submitted to some of the best music libraries, then get started right away is what you should focus on. The competition in the music industry today is tough, so you want to make your presence felt and remembered. For this, keep experimenting with new music, genres, and ideas and showcase your skill and talent on the right platforms.

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