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Pixity Animated Icons for Premiere Pro – The One Stop Shop For Your Motion Designing Needs!

Pixity animated icons for premiere pro

Pixity Animated Icons for Premiere Pro: Jam-packed with beautiful animated icons, infographic diagrams, and titles, Pixity opens a door of possibilities for motion designers. From creating your own characters and scenes to changing colors and combining all elements together, there are quite a lot of options you can explore to make your very own video presentation.

However, how far can you go with Pixity animated icons for premiere pro? The answer to this critical question lies in this detailed guide.

Here’s everything you need to know about this toolkit.

Why Animate After All?

Are you working on an online marketing campaign and wondering how to boost the conversion rates? The rule is the better your content is, the higher the conversion rates are. Animation has surely taken the world of marketing by storm, and by now, ’it’s no surprise that consumers are a lot more likely to buy a product if ’they’ve seen videos of it as opposed to if ’they’ve just read its description.

A good explainer video is all you need to target the right audience. Moreover, using catchy texts and cute animations is by far the best way to crush the competition in the market.

What Does the Package Contain?

Pixity animated icons for premiere pro

With more than 500 elements available at your disposal as a designer, there’s nothing that should stop you from creating the project of your dreams. While the Pixity animated icons for premiere pro are a package on their own, Pixity Land has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the most sought-after features of the toolkit.


Icons are, without a doubt, some of the most desired features in Pixity Land. Designed with Adobe Illustrator, the 135 icons in this package exist in both animated and static versions. What’s more? A lot of these icons have more than just a single motion, which are excellent for more dynamic animated representation.

Motion Shapes

Did you know that there are approximately 41 motion shapes in the package? Not only are they fun to explore and use, but they also give your video a fantastic finish.


When designing the perfect video, you can’t only resort to icons and shapes. Easy-to-customize infographics are also a much-needed element.

Say Something Meaningful to Your Viewers

Is there something you wish your character could say so your message to the viewers was clearer? The animated speech bubble is one of the best features to do that. With 12 unique bubbles in Pixity Land, you can show your text in as many ways as possible.

Small Shapes Can Play a Wide Range of Roles

The toolkit contains approximately 22 arrows, circles, and labels because there are never enough reasons not to use them. After all, the goal is to create a clear and precise video by using as many tools to engage the audience as possible.

Add Creative Transitions!

No video is complete without at least some form of transition. Moving from one scene to another is by far one of the most challenging aspects of creating good content. However, with 24 different transitions included in the Pixity Land package, you can easily choose to skip that challenge.

Compositions Elements

You can decorate a given scene with icon holders and pre-made typography using this feature.

You Can’t Possibly Stand Out Without This One!

Typography plays a key role in making your video stand out. With over 21 typos in three different styles, you will never run out of options to explore. Vintage, short, and long typography features give your video its much-needed charm.

Pixity Animated Icons for Premiere Pro – The Real Deal

One of the most amazing perks of purchasing this toolkit is having the flexibility to import and customize icons. Since all files are in the “mogrt” format, you can easily customize your icons with the Essential Graphics or Motion Factory panel.

All ’you’re required to do is drag and drop the items of your choice into the sequence. Apart from customizing colors and texts, you can also use all of its elements for websites, YouTube Videos, Instagram Posts, Films, and much more. With over 44 categories and 550 items in the toolkit, you will never struggle to land what ’you’re searching for!

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