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5 Sites That Offer Public Domain Music for Powerpoint Presentations

Public Domain Music for Powerpoint Presentations

Public Domain Music for Powerpoint Presentations: Making a Powerpoint presentation in the digital era is easier than ever before. However, this also means it is challenging to create presentations that truly stand out and engage viewers.

Many people have begun using background music in their Powerpoint presentations to make an impact with their audience. Such presenters often avoid using commercial music for this purpose as it could run them into legal problems. The good news is that there is plenty of public domain music out there that is perfect for Powerpoint presentations.

Today we will look at five sites that offer public domain music for Powerpoint presentations.

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Top Public Domain Music Sources for Powerpoint Presentations

1. Open Music Archive

Open Music Archive is a public domain music site that offers free downloads. The website’s goal is to digitize sound recordings whose copyright has expired. Users can browse through the site’s various tags such as blues, country, instrumental, and jazz to find the style of music they are seeking.

The website is completely free to use. Users have the option of streaming the tracks on Soundcloud or downloading them directly. The website is based in the UK, so users outside the country may be violating certain copyright laws by downloading the music.

2. Musopen

Musopen started as a nonprofit website for college students seeking access to copyright-free classical music recordings and sheet music. The site gained immense popularity over time and has become a top resource for public domain music.

Musopen users can browse, stream, and download hundreds of recordings from the site. The website sorts music by composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. They can also browse music using tags such as Romantic, Happy, Sad, and Energetic depending on the style of Powerpoint music they are seeking.

Musopen offers two subscription plans for users: Free and Member


The Free plan is completely free. It allows users to stream music freely, but limits them to only five music downloads per day. However, this may be more than sufficient for most Powerpoint presentations.


The Member plan costs $55/year. It offers users unlimited downloads, lossless audio, and the ability to get new music before Free users.

Many people add music to Powerpoint presentations.

3. Incompetech

Incompetech is a popular music website that offers over 2,000 royalty-free tracks. Each of these tracks was composed by professional musician Kevin McLeod. Users are free to download tracks and use them in their Powerpoint presentations as long as they credit the original owner.

Incompetech offers music in a number of different styles such as Funk and Blues, Hard Electronic, Rock Classic, and Disco and Lounge. Users can also browse through the site’s different sections such as Electronic, Mystery, Western, Modern Cinematic, and Adventure.

The site is completely free to use, but users are encouraged to donate to Kevin McLeod’s Patreon after downloading tracks.

4. FreePD

FreePD is another public domain music site that offers a wide range of music options for Powerpoint presentations. Users can find unique styles of music such as Dramatic, Horror, Sentimental, and Epic on the site.

Much of the music on the site is by Kevin McLeod, who offers his music on Incompetech as well. However, users can download and use this music in their Powerpoint Presentations without having to credit them. FreePD also features music from other musicians such as Bryan Teoh, Alexander Nakarada, and Rafael Krux.

FreePD is also completely free to use, but users also have the option of downloading mp3 files in bulk for $10.

5. International Music Score Library Project

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is a standout public domain music website with over a hundred thousand music scores and recordings. The website allows users to sort through music based on instrumentation, genre, time period, and composers.

IMSLP is a great resource for anyone seeking high-quality recordings of classical music for their Powerpoint presentations. Users should note that some of the music uploaded to this website may not be public domain, so they should always check before using them in projects.

Select the Right Public Domain Music for Your Powerpoint Presentations

The websites listed above offer thousands of great songs that would be perfect for any Powerpoint presentation. Consider browsing their genre tags to discover the right one that fits the theme and tone of your presentation.

So consider sprucing up your Powerpoint Presentation with some background music and get ready to make an impact with your audience.

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