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10 Best Rewarded Video Ad Networks in 2021

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Rewarded video ad networks are a way for companies with little to no marketing budget to still reach an audience. Here’s how and where you can join a video ad network now and start monetizing your work as a video creator/editor.

The mobile-videos invention has motivated a massive shift to new video ad formats such as rewarded video ads.

They have become famous amongst mobile games app developers looking to boost their app download and subscription numbers.

Rewarded ad videos are short, closable, but non-skippable videos prompting users to watch in exchange for certain rewards.

The typical video length is 15-30 seconds. The video length is short to avoid disrupting the audience for a longer duration and instantly capture their attention.

They are common in video and mobile-game apps, where you watch an ad in exchange for points or game features.

How To Blend In as a Video Creator?

Once you join any rewarded video ad networks, you need to blend in with the team and other publishers on the platform.

The platform provides you the chance to share, learn and help others.

Be generous to offer help, help other publishers improve their CPMs, and in return, you get the favors.

You also need to select your demand partners wisely and establish a good relation to retain them.

Do not bother the audience too much with your content and allow them to exit or keep watching the content. You can do this by showing them the potential benefit they would lose if they exit.

10 Best Rewarded Video Ad Networks Out There

An advertised mobile video game with rewarded video

Before you can read the content below, do note that the market share and global reach estimates used in ranking these networks are based on statistics by Mighty Signal. Let’s dig into the best rewarded video ad networks you should know.

1. Vungle

Vungle is a leading rewarded video ad network globally. It popularises video ads among mobile publishers.

In the beginning, the typical video length was 15 seconds; however, the company currently offers 15 to 30 seconds video ads.

The company was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in San Francisco.

It uses both Android and iOS platforms for video ads.

It partners with 24% of the top 200-apps in iOS and 26% of the top 200-apps in Android.

The platform gives publishers access to top and larger markets for content advertising.

2. Tapjoy

The network was founded in 2007 but entered into rewarded video ad network segment in 2012.

It is suitable for US-based publishers targeting the US market.

It is currently used in over 20000 mobile apps and has a global reach of 520 million.

The network has an estimated 12% market share in iOS and 13% in Android.

3. Appreciate

The network runs over 20 billion auctions daily, enabling the marketers to control the platform’s revenue generation.

The site has the best fraud detection and prevention suites to keep users safe.

The site has configurable algorithms that maximize its profitability using the optimization and funnel features.

The user interface enables the publishers to monitor the ad metrics and performance to help them formulate or understand the effectiveness of their ad strategies.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

4. Supersonic

Iron Source currently owns the company after its acquisition in 2015.

It has a global reach of 800 million video audiences only; it does not support other ad formats except videos.

It is based in Israel, making it suitable for the Middle East and Asian market.

The network has a market share of 9% in iOS and 12% in Android.

The company is a global leader in video mediation; they also offer their video ad networks to help publishers increase CPMs through third-party formatting engagement features.

5. Appnext

The network enables publishers to optimize optimization user acquisition by setting CPA, KPIs, ROAs, and goals based on various units such a static, rewarded, or native video.

It enables the publishers to re-engage existing users and increase the value of their ads based on audience characteristics provided by the network.

The site is perfect for audience targeting and segmentation to help improve your brand.

It has many features to help the users-creatively design products for the market.

It has a market share of 12% in iOS and 16% in Android, with a global reach of 600 million users.

6. AdColony

Ad colony was the first network to offer a mobile-video network.

They have the expertise and long-term experience in the sector, making them one of the top mobile video ads publishers.

The site is perfect for publishers interested in monetizing the apps through advertisements.

It has a market share of 20% in the top 200 iOS-apps and 28% in the top 200 android-apps.

It has over 1.5 billion users globally and supports CPM campaign types.

This user base makes it perfect for demographic targeting in different countries; it has 1.4 billion users globally.

It supports rich media and video ad formats.

7. AdMob

Google owns ad mob; the network enjoys a large user base due to its affiliation to Google.

The site has over 1 billion users, which is equivalent to global android users.

The global reach and affiliation with google make it a perfect monetization platform for promoting brand awareness globally.

It was founded in 1998 and has a 70% market share in the Android market and a 33% market share in iOS.

The network offers other features such as in-app purchases for both publishers and the audience.

The site enables beginners to gain momentum quickly due to the large audience, making it suitable for target and segmentation ad promotion and monetization.

Publishers can also enjoy a high conversion rate due to the number of subscribers to Google products.

8. Facebook Audience Network

This is another giant network suitable for publishers interested in product monetization.

It was founded in 2004 and has a global customer base of over 1 billion users, making it one of the best monetization platforms.

The site has a market share of 39% in android usage and 28% in iOS.

The global presence makes it suitable for global marketing apps that do not target any specific region.

It has the highest conversion rates due to the number of users.

It is also advantageous due to its affiliation with Facebook, meaning publishers do not have to worry about security, reliability, and expertise support.

9. Fyber

The network started as a wall provider but shifted to SSPs and mediation.

Upon changing its name to Fyber, the company emphasized video ads to attract a large market share.

The company was founded in 2009 in Berlin and was initially called Sponsor Pay.

It is suitable for publishers interested in the German and European markets and audiences.

It has a global reach of over 500 million users with a market share of 5% in iOS and 6% in the Android market.

10. MoPub

Twitter owns the network to take advantage of its social media users.

Twitter acquired it in 2013 and is currently one of the leading mediations and SSPs-platforms for mobile-video ads.

It supports different types of ads such as banners, native and interstitial ads. Since then, the network moved in video ad marketing from 2015 and has gained over 1 billion users globally.

It has a market share of 16% in iOS and 25% in android-users.

Its affiliation to Android and iOS makes it suitable for publishers to reach the large markets provided by the apps in these segments.

Applying to Rewarded Video Ad Networks

Woman applying to a rewarded video ad network

Before you apply to join any video ad network, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Authenticity: There are many video ad networks globally; some of them are pure scams. You need to consider what they say, check for reviews and comments about the site before you engage. Above all, consider those with a positive reputation and huge-users.
  • Brand safety: does the network partner with any brand safety provider? Confirm whether the site has any safety tools to ensure only safe and relevant content is shown to readers. Do they have tools for fraud prevention? These are some of the safety factors you need to consider. Before you sign up, ensure the site has safety features such as domain spoofing to prevent fraud.
  • Expertise: Before you join the sites, you need to ensure you have the relevant skills to operate on the site. They must also have expert services to help you in times of need. Check for customer care services and support team with the knowledge to assist you.
  • Technology: check whether they have the right technology in place to meet their promises and claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which monetizing option is the best?

CPM is the best and most reliable monetizing option. It is applicable to different sites, and it enables you to track your gains per mile. You can keenly track share how much you gain per view.

Which ad network is the best?

There are many ad networks out there, the efficiency, effectiveness depends on factors such as user-friendliness, brand safety and the available expertise.

How can I boost my CPM?

Join networks with many partners, you should make the ad appealing and ensure the ad is available on multiple channels and platforms.


As a publisher, you need a video monetizing partner to help you achieve higher ad revenue by providing smooth services, user-friendly interfaces, experts, and higher CPMs.

They must also have a reliable payment system. Depending on the number of page views you have, you can access many of these sites but ensure you consider safety and fraud prevention before joining.

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