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Holiday Spirit: Your Guide to Royalty-Free Christmas Music with Vocals (+ Classic Songs in the Public Domain)

Royalty-Free Christmas Music with Vocals

Royalty-Free Christmas Music with Vocals: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

The Christmas season might have passed, but traditional tunes keep the festive spirit alive throughout the year. Jingle Bells happens to be one such track.  It’s a fixture in festive videos, and the fact that it provides you with Royalty free Christmas music with vocals works as a bonus.

Nevertheless, you might be looking to steer clear of this overused number for your next holiday project. In that case, we bring you four festive songs that are currently conquering the public domain. In addition to this, we will teach you how to put a modern twist to these mood-lifting tunes.

Let’s begin.

Classic Christmas Music: Which Traditional Tracks Are in the Public Domain?

Creative Commons describes the public domain as a place where “no intellectual property rights exist.” That means you can use songs that fall under this category any way you like without legal restrictions.  Old works enter the public domain after their copyrights expire. Besides this, original owners might also share new content in the public domain.

Before discussing how to use new royalty-free Christmas music with vocals, let’s list some good old festive tracks in the public domain. This way, you can add a mix of classic and contemporary tracks to your video.

Our favorites include:

1. Spread the Magic of Christmas with “Silent Night.”

The song “Silent Night” has been recorded multiple times, with several vocal artists crooning the soulful number. Bing Crosby’s rendition happens to be the most popular version in pop culture. Yet, it isn’t uncommon for content creators to use other artists for this number.

The original composition “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht ” of this classic dates back to 1818. We can trace it to Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria, where a schoolmaster named Franz Xaver Grubere and local priest, Father Joseph Mohr, composed the heartfelt song.  Decades later, John Freeman Young translated the Austrian piece to share it with a wider audience.

By 2011, the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) added it to the honorable World Heritage List. Hence, if your video talks about peace, love, and humanity, you can’t go wrong with this song.

2. The Universal Holiday Greeting, aka “We Wish You a Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year).”

Another “oldie but goldie” most of us know the first few verses of the song and frequently use it to greet others during the holiday season. The other often-forgotten part of the song talks about fig pudding. Carolers ask for fig pudding and declare that they won’t leave until they get some dessert.

The playful banter dates back to eighteen century England where the townspeople knocked on doors and greeted the elite class demanding some sweet treats. These days, the lyrics might not have the same significance.

However, that hasn’t stopped the catchy tune from becoming a core part of caroling traditions every year.  

3. A Wish List: “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Royalty Free Christmas Music with Vocals

The Twelve Days of Christmas might cover an unusual set of gifts, but we can’t stop humming it when the festive season arrives. The original melody appeared in 1780, and it did not have any music. Frederic Austin decided to give this classic a musical spin by composing a beautiful arrangement in 1909.

Like the other masterpieces in this article, this one has been in the public domain for years. You can use it freely for your musical projects.

4. Deck the Halls (& Decorate the Tree)

Nothing says “tis the season to be jolly’’ than Deck the Halls. The popular melody has been passed down several generations and is likely to continue doing so. According to historians, the original piece “Nos Galan” is a Welsh ballad and can be traced to the sixteenth century, while the chorus originated from medieval times. In 1862, a Scottish musician named Thomas Oliphant decided to pen an English translation for the masses.

 A couple of decades later, it became a household melody during Christmastime.

Updating Your Playlist: How to Get Royalty Free Christmas Music with Vocals for Your Next Project?

Whether you are working for an advertisement, planning to create a holiday-special intro for your channel, or need background music for your business, we can help. If classics don’t align with your vision, you can take a contemporary route.

Here are some ways to obtain a royalty-free soundtrack:

  1. Sign up for single licensing subscription services to access thousands of lyrical tracks that capture the holiday spirit.
  2. Collaborate with an indie artist to create covers or original songs for your special project.
  3. Use original tracks for your videos.

The possibilities become limitless as long as you adhere to the boundaries set by copyright laws.

Music Hack: Listen to Christmas Songs without Copyright I Vocal Christmas Songs for inspiration.

Let’s Switch on the Festive Mode

Christmas carols and holiday songs have the power to persuade audiences and spread a powerful message. Digital forums allow you to use these impactful storytelling tools with royalty-free Christmas music and powerful vocals to raise everyone’s holiday spirit. You can either stay true to traditions by using songs in the public domain or take a creative route through collaborative work.

No matter which direction you choose, the right track is bound to have a lasting impression on your audience.

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