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Best Royalty Free Game of Thrones Music Sources – For Commercial & Private Use

Royalty free Game of Thrones music

Ramin Djawadis’s score for HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones played a major role in its massive success. Sweeping strings and crazy percussions make the soundtrack a truly exhilarating listen. Even though the series ended over two years ago, the music is still popular as ever. In fact, many vloggers and content creators use Game of Thrones music in their videos to add a rich, surreal and magical touch to their videos. If you wish to use the series’ brilliant music tracks in your content, continue reading to find out about royalty-free Game of Thrones music.

Royalty-Free Game of Thrones Music

This specific genre of royalty-free music refers to the famous TV Series instrumental & lyrical songs that you can use on your YouTube videos, commercial content, Twitch streams, and more without worrying about getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies.

You only need to pay once to purchase this music. Once you purchase it, you get the legal usage of the music for a lifetime. Then you can use the tracks in any content you create, such as videos, animations, films, college projects, work assignments, advertisements, infomercials, etc.

In more sophisticated words, the royalty-free of HBO’s top series music doesn’t require you to pay royalties. That’s why you don’t need to pay every time you play a royalty-free middle ages track. On the other hand, copyrighted epic music requires you to pay royalties each time you play or use it. If you do use such music, you can face copyright infringement charges along with a hefty fine.

In order to obtain the right to use a song legally, you need to pay a specific fee. Often you have to pay the owner, which in this case is Universal Music Corp. However, you can make the whole process much easier and simpler if you go for stock music and royalty-free music providers.

Where to Find Royalty-Free Game of Thrones Music?

Royalty-free music can be extremely hard to find. Fortunately for you, Pond5 – a New York-based online marketplace for royalty-free media – has an entire library of royalty-free Game of Thrones music that you can use in your videos and content.

How Can You Use Royalty-Free Game of Thrones Music?

First, need to first find a royalty-free Game of Thrones music track that you feel will go well with your project or video using the link above.

Once you find the right song, you can make your purchase easily and securely. Next, you can download your royalty-free music and use it any video you want. You can produce entertaining YouTube videos, captivating films, impressive Twitch streams, engaging Instagram videos, and much more with this type of selected music.

Is It Okay to Use Royalty-Free Game of Thrones Music on YouTube?

Game of thrones royalty free music

Yes, it is totally fine to use licensed royalty free music pieces of GoT on YouTube. All video sharing and social media platforms require you to use royalty-free music. Thus, if you’re using a Game of Thrones track on Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, you need to ensure it is royalty-free!

What Happens If You Use Copyrighted Game of Thrones Music?

If you use a copyrighted tune or a song of the tv show in a commercial project, Twitch stream, or Twitch stream, these platforms can remove your video, delete your account, or restrict you from monetizing your content. In addition, Universal Music Corp. can sue you for copyright infringement. If this happens, you might have to pay hefty amounts of money.

You can use both royalty-free and copyright-free Game of Thrones in your Twitch streams, YouTube videos, commercial projects, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that royalty-free and copyright-free GoT music are the same things.

Licensed epic instrumental music pieces mean that once you buy the content, you can use it as many times as you like. In simple words, you do not have to pay royalties every time you use the track.

On the other hand, copyright-free music refers to the songs that you can use without paying for. Copyright-free tracks are in the public domain. This means you can use them in your content without any cost.

Last Few Words

We hope this article helped you gain in-depth information about royalty-free Game of Thrones music, including where to find it and how to use it.