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Can You Use Royalty Free Music For Commercial Purposes?

Royalty free music for commercial use

Have you ever come across an advertisement on Facebook or YouTube that just appealed to your emotions? Chances are, it’s the music that mostly drew your attention to the ad. Whether it’s slow and ambient, uplifting and upbeat, or happy music in the video, music significantly contributes to how long people stay on ads. With a majority of advertisements now being done online and many businesses embracing technology, music is quickly becoming a huge part of content creation for many brands. In this article, we will discuss how you can legally use royalty free music for your commercial videos.

The Impact of Royalty Free Music in Commercial Advertising

So, can you use royalty free music for commercial use? First of all, let’s understand what royalty free music means. If you search for a comprehensive explanation with details, we recommend reading our article on what is royalty-free music.

When a song is either royalty-free or non-copyrighted, it doesn’t mean it is actually free charge. The definition of it refers to the fact that nobody can claim royalty for the music, no matter how many times it is played or published. This also means that there are songs with copyrights and royalties.

A royalty free song still has copyrights, but you don’t pay the creator for continuous usage of the song.

How to Find Royalty Free Music for Commercial Purposes

A microphone, commercial advertising with royalty-free music

First of all, we recommend checking out our post about where can you get royalty free music in 2021.

The internet contains dozens if not hundreds of sites providing quality royalty free music for private nor commercial videos. Video creators and digital marketers are using them daily and also refers to them as stock music websites for videos.

Most of these sites require you to pay a one-time flat rate fee for licensing the song to you. This doesn’t however make the song free of charge, as the website or platform which mediates between the artist and the client still has to pay the creator their fair share for royalties. But for you (the client), you are free to utilize the music as you wish in any of your videos. You can use royalty free music for various projects such as YouTube videos, Instagram, and Facebook.

What Does it Mean “Using Royalty-Free Music Commercially”?

This is another important bit you need to understand before can you use royalty free music for commercial purposes.

Consider this example: If you are a creator, and you produce songs and beats for people to use for free, and someone else asks for permission to include your song in their video. How would you feel if you knew that they were using the video commercially to promote their brand and make money from it, while they used your song for free?

It’s only fair that creators charge a fee for songs if you plan on using them commercially

If you are not completely sure what is the difference between private and commercial use, note this to yourself: If the content you’re using the music in is aimed at making you a profit, then that is commercial use.

If you plan on promoting your business or your client’s business (which indirectly profits you as well) through the video, then it is still commercial use. Well, it is no secret that using some good background music in videos can bounce your profits pretty.

Using artists royalty-free music in commercial video

Some creators require you to pay per use for their songs. These are copyrighted songs that are protected as the user’s intellectual property, and you will require permission from them before you can use their songs in your videos. It is important to understand the legalities of this type of music, to avoid attracting lawsuits and fines in the future.

However, there are also free music libraries you browse and use commercially at your convenience. They are usually not of the highest quality and production levels as the “premium” ones, but when it comes to royalty free music, you can either access it for free, pay per track, or be required to pay a subscription fee by the site you’re getting the music from, and you can then use the song in whatever way you wish.

Keep in mind that while you are allowed to use the content however you wish, there may be certain sections on the licensing contract that you have to follow. It is common when downloading free copyrighted-free music.

For example, the creator may require you to credit them for the music in the description of the video you use the song in. This credit may include a link to their content or a simple mention in the description. This is still a small price to pay in exchange for unlimited usage of the creator’s song.


So for the main question, can you use royalty free music for commercial use? The answer is yes. Make sure you go through the user agreement or licensee agreement on the website to ensure you understand the terms before you use the song.

Some creators may want credit for the song while others won’t, so if you’re still not sure if can you use royalty free music for commercial use, the short answer is that you can.