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Top Benefits of One-Time Purchase Royalty-Free Music

One Time Purchase Royalty-Free Music

One Time Purchase Royalty-Free Music: Music plays an integral role in our lives, well at least in most of our lives. Not only does it make certain moments more memorable and impactful, but it’s also a great companion to any digital content you share online. It’s the x-factor that draws in crowds to your business and personal brand.

The only catch is that any music you want to play must have a copyright license. Your artfully created content gets flagged on digital forums if they don’t pass the copyright test. Here’s where royalty-free music for one-time purchase comes in to save you (and your brand).

The right music archive can counter any copyright infringement-related complications to share musical content online without the fear of it being taken down. We’ve listed these coveted perks of partnering with royalty-free music libraries below.

Have a look:

It Helps You Dodge Copyright Claims

First and foremost, most platforms sharing royalty-free music as a service obtain relevant distribution rights on your behalf. That means you won’t have to face the wrath of a copyright owner when you share content with background music.

That means:

  • No copyright strikes on social media channels (like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Reduced risks of dealing with lawsuits and costly copyright claims
  • Legally compliant protection to have full distribution right of your content

In short, royalty-free music works as a shield that protects you from common copyright mistakes.

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You Don’t Get Drowned in Time-Consuming Tasks

Music licensing eats up a significant chunk of your time. You need to conduct extensive research to decipher legalities, ask questions like “how old does music have to be to be royalty-free?” and figure out if it’s a part of a public domain. Then spend hours negotiating a deal that appeases you and the copyright owner.

Amidst the frenzy of contracts and meetings, your fresh content could become yesterday’s news. That’s why single-licensing streaming channels can be a time-saver for deadline-sensitive ventures.


You cut the chase by choosing digital archives over lobbying for copyright licenses. With royalty platforms covering you on the legal front and handling negotiations, you get more time to focus on content creation and distribution. This way, your next big production has a higher chance of receiving raving reviews from target audiences.

It Doesn’t Break Your Bank (aka Cheap Thrills)  

Purchasing royalty free music once, per track

Your favorite artists might have a charming persona, but they fight tooth and nail for royalties. Plus, they know their worth, which usually exceeds your limited budget. Even if you do pay your way to obtain a license, you’re enlisting yourself to empty your wallet every single time you play the track.

This can be a taxing and costly step for small businesses and influencers.

In comparison, single-licensing platforms are a digital genie that fulfills all your musical wishes. All it asks in return is a monthly/yearly subscription. After registration, you gain access to millions of songs and SFX music content you can use whenever and wherever you want. Having complete access to diverse, reusable music content allows you to create immersive audiovisual content that keeps audiences captivated.

Best of all, you enjoy all these advantages and more within an acceptable price range. Privileges like these make you grateful for the power of digitalization.

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You Extend Your Network of Indie Artists

Using royalty-free music for one-time purchases makes you an advocate for indie artists by default. These sites introduce you to upcoming artists, composers, and passionate professionals in the music world. In turn, allowing you to explore new genres, witness musical innovation at its finest hour, and extend your social network.

If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a rare undiscovered gem that gains coverage from your platform. When this happens, you get a chance to share unique voices and melodies with a broader audience.  This, in turn, helps you to stand out from a crowd of copycat competitors still playing the same-old soundtrack.

One-Time Purchase is a Win-Win-Win Deal

In the end, you save yourself from tedious licensing research and costly royalty payments by registering to single-licensing platforms. Additionally, these virtual spaces open a portal of musical opportunities. You can entrust them to safeguard your business and creative pursuits by ensuring the songs you use don’t push you towards the dark side of a copyright claim.

As a result, you save the time, money, and elbow grease required to obtain traditional music licensing rights. Due to this, we consider royalty-free music for one time purchase a gift that keeps on blessing your music-featuring endeavors.

Isn’t that great?

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