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Songs You Can Use On Instagram Without Copyright: An Ultimate Guide

Songs you can use on Instagram without copyright

Songs You Can Use On Instagram Without Copyright: You’ve probably come across the saying “content is king” at some point in your journey as a content creator, haven’t you? If you’re also someone who decided to jump into the “Instagram influencer” bandwagon after seeing hundreds of influencers establish their brands, now may be the time to address the elephant in the room: how do you make your content more fun and engaging?

Adding music to your Instagram Posts, Stories and Reels can be a great way to get the attention of those interested in the kind of content you’re great at making. Since music is a big part of this kind of content, you may be struggling to find songs you can use on Instagram without copyright.

While you may have uncovered the secret to making your content stand out, adding melodies that are in sync with your story is where the rest of your efforts must shine.

Let’s dig deeper into the world of copyright-free songs and help make your Instagram content top-notch!

Step 1: Understand the Limitations of Copyright-Free Music

Songs you can use on Instagram without copyright

Is copyright-free music free of cost? Yes.

Is it always a smooth ride using it? Unfortunately, no.

At first glance, it may probably seem like a hassle-free zone, but the greater you probe, the more you realize there are also certain downsides to purchasing free music. Let’s take Creative Commons as an example here.

Imagine you’ve landed the perfect JOHN.k track under the directory to go with your video for an Instagram Ad, and just then, you find out that your Creative Commons License does not cover professional use. Hence, it’s important to address the limitations of copyright-free music no matter where you plan to use it. Here are some of them:

  1. You do not own a legal document, which means there’s no guarantee the song you’ve chosen will not change its license terms in the future. However, the same uncertainty does not accompany paid licenses.
  2. You can only use the track for personal use. As addressed earlier, Creative Commons licenses don’t usually cover professional use, so you may want to steer clear of any attempts to use songs for promotional purposes.
  3. You’re always required to give credits to the artist. You may have moved heaven and earth to ensure your work stays original and that it has a personal touch to it. However, the originality always stands a chance to go down the drain the moment your viewers see that phrase popping out of nowhere in the video and revealing the name of the original artist.

Step 2: Find Your Melody!

Again, the limitations of copyright-free music are not exactly an impediment when it comes to adding music to your Instagram content. However, it’s better to steer clear of conflict with the terms of use on all platforms. Take our word for it; you’re better off without those hefty lawsuits.

So, where exactly are the songs you can use on Instagram without copyright?

The good news is that Royalty-Free music is readily available online. Here are some music libraries you can dig to get access to a plethora of genres, songs, and sound effects for your content:

  1. YouTube Audio Library
  2. Any Music Downloads
  3. Free Music Archive

Step 3: Understand the P’s and Q’s of Instagram’s Copyright Rules

Non copyrighted songs for social media

What’s permitted and what’s not? Here’s a list of things Instagram wants you to be mindful of when uploading something containing music in it:

  1. Have you attended any concerts or live performances recently? The IGTV videos, reels, posts, and stories containing any musical elements you may have recorded live are completely safe and permitted.
  2. Your live broadcasts can be terminated if you end up using too many full-length recorded tracks.
  3. Keep your video clips short and precise, especially when you’re planning to incorporate music in them. Again, there’s no clear definition of “short,” but in order to keep them engaging, short-form content is the way to go.

Wish to Bend the Rules? Don’t Go Down That Slippery Slope!

While there are a number of songs you can use on Instagram without copyright, at some point, your heart is bound to yearn for something you may not be able to find on this side of the road. It’s possible that the track you’ve set your heart and mind to is not available on royalty-free sources. In that instance, you may find yourself tempted to use copyrighted music. However, without following the required protocols, you may end up in a legal pickle.

Here are all the tips to help you get around the Instagram copyright game.

Give Credit Where It’s Due!

Reposting and sharing someone else’s work may be all fun and games for a while, but there’s always a chance that the owner may not want their content shared anywhere. This is where you can land yourself in trouble.

So here’s the deal. Always give credit to the original owner of a song unless you’re fond of dealing with the consequences of not doing so.

Never Use the Music Without Appealing

In case you end up using a copyrighted soundtrack without giving credits, Instagram’s automated system can easily detect it and take your content down for a possible attempt of copyright infringement. However, don’t panic yet. You still have the option of appealing to the owners to use it.

The Real Deal: Create Foolproof Content

As we get to the bottom of it all, it’s safe to say that copyright infringement is an ugly road to go down. Since Instagram has started taking the welfare of its artists and content creators seriously, you definitely don’t want to run the risk of going against it.

Remember, your Reels, Stories, and IGTV videos have the potential to leave a mark on thousands of people (more if you’ve cracked the popularity code). So, keep it real and keep it moving!

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