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Spotify EP vs. Album – Which is Better for Beginner Musicians?

Spotify single EP vs. album

Spotify EP vs. Album? Have you ever looked at the music on your Spotify app and thought why it’s called an EP instead of an album? Or perhaps it is classified as a single rather than an EP.

Well, the primary difference between Spotify EP and album is that Spotify EP has 4 to 6 tracks or is less than 30 minutes in length, whereas Spotify album has 7 (or more tracks) or is longer than 30 minutes.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at Spotify Singles, EPs, and Albums.

Spotify Single, EP, and Album

Here is how singles, EPs, and albums are classified on Spotify.

Spotify Singles

Spotify categorizes your music under the Singles category, if:

  • The release contains three tracks or less
  • The release is shorter than 30 minutes.

Note that Spotify is not going to alter the title of your release.

Spotify EPs

Spotify will categorize your music under the EP category, if:

  • The release is shorter than 30 minutes
  • The release contains 4 to 6 tracks.

Nevertheless, your release can still be classified as EP if it contains only 2 to 3 tracks where at least one track is longer than 10 minutes.

As with singles, Spotify will not alter the title of your release.

Spotify Albums

Spotify albums are where:

  • The release has 7 or more tracks
  • The release is longer than 30 minutes.

Spotify albums are placed above the EPs and Singles section.

Should You Release Singles or Albums?

Before we get to discuss whether you should release albums or singles, let’s understand that singles are basically for getting new audiences, whereas albums are for nurturing your existing fans.

When you release an album, you can dive deep into a concept, establish certain branding rituals and lock in your followers for life. In simple words, albums are a great way to showcase your brand and get loyal fans.

However, when you only release singles on Spotify, you might develop the habit of just aiming to pen down hits to improve your songwriting capabilities or absorb yourself into a specific format. This can limit your creativity and stop you from taking up risks as you perhaps would on an album. Thus, your ultimate aim should be to release an album or EP.

Is It Advisable to Release Singles before Releasing an Album?

Yes, if you’re a new artist, your primary focus should be on creating and releasing singles rather than albums. It is considerably easier to get prospective fans to hear a couple of songs as opposed to an hour of music.

Keep in mind that a small or new band releasing an album isn’t as newsworthy as well-known artists. Thus, it’s challenging to get people to talk about an album from a fairly new artist.

Generally speaking, new artists should use a singles approach for some time. This is because many people root for new artists, which can lead to plenty of avenues. However, you need to think strategically. For instance, you can stack up your singles one after the other.

Every time you release a new track, you can retarget the people who heard your last one. This increases your listening time for every user. Plus, you can put your singles in an EP or album later.

How to Release an EP?

A common strategy to release EP is to follow the 6-8 strategy. When you use this strategy, you release 6 tracks over a period of 8 months. This is basically one EP per year. This approach is cost-effective, and you get four months to pen down the record and prep for the next 8 months of promotion.

Breaking an Album into Two EPs

Another excellent strategy is to release an album’s worth of material every year in 2 EPs. You can release four singles in a row over a period of four months and then release an EP containing 6 songs. Then, you can take a short break to record and start with another EP containing 6 songs over a period of 4 months. Once you have released both, you can combine them to create an album and include a couple of extra tracks, remixes, or acoustic versions.

Start Uploading Your Music on Spotify

Whether you want to upload a single, EP, or album, make sure to always do your research and work strategically. Nevertheless, since Spotify EP has 4 to 6 tracks, whereas the Spotify album has 7 (or more tracks), you might be better off starting with an EP first.

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