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Top 8 Spotify Playlist Themes Ideas in 2022

Spotify Playlist Themes Ideas

Spotify Playlist Themes Ideas: A great Spotify theme should have a good mix of relevance, aesthetic appeal, and SEO to attract as many followers as possible.

While aesthetic appeal is just about being cool, it’s the search engine optimization that can get your playlist in front of millions of people who might just fall in love with it.

Continue reading to discover some amazing Spotify playlist theme ideas that you can go ahead and use.

1. Moods and Emotions

The first idea in the list of Spotify Playlist Themes Ideas is Moods and Emotions. The music exudes some sort of mood or emotion, and it can be the ideal partner for any kind of emotion or mood you or your followers may be experiencing.

You can dig into these emotions and create a playlist around more in-depth vibes, including:

  • Adversity
  • Celebration
  • Fear
  • Feeling invincible
  • Hope
  • Innocence
  • Love lost
  • Loneliness
  • Nostalgia
  • Passion
  • Regret
  • Temptation
  • Solitude
  • Wanderlust

2. Locations and Cultures

Artists from the same country, state, or city might have a common thread that goes beyond their geographies. Music from particular cultures can be as inspiring.

  • Songs and artists belonging to the same country.
  • Songs and artists belonging to the same state.
  • Songs and artists belonging to the same city.
  • Songs and artists belonging to a specific culture.

3. Particular Situations

A Spotify playlist revolving around a specific emotion, thought, or feeling can be a little vague. Thus, you can make a playlist that’s perfect for an incredibly specific situation. Here are some particular situations that you can base your playlist on:

  • Songs to impress a guy.
  • Songs to impress a girl.
  • Exploring deserted buildings.
  • Music for driving on a highway.
  • Workout songs.
  • Musing for a sleepover.

3. Festivals and Events

Is there any particular event coming up that correlated with a party, holiday, or other fun events? Just the way party decorations change with the event, so does the music! This means you can make playlists for a Christmas work party or for an EDM party.

Making playlists based on events such as fundraisers, holidays, world movements,  art and music festivals, or simply just “Summer Party Mix” or “Roadtrip” will surely capture people’s attention. This fun idea is an excellent way to hype up people for upcoming events. You should post them a couple of weeks before the event starting date.

4. TV Show/Movie Music

There are plenty of songs that have been featured in TV shows and movies and even songs that have become popular from being features. Thus, you can make a playlist of these songs. For instance, you can make a playlist containing music from DC movies or songs from the popular show, Game of Thrones.

5. Instrumentation

Choosing songs with particular instrumentation can make for an incredible playlist. You can create a playlist around songs that have brass, strings, a drum solo, a guitar solo, a piano solo, and so on.

6. Common Threads and Connections

Like the idea of creating a playlist featuring singers from a specific city, you can make a playlist with a theme focusing on common threads or connections between themes. Some possibilities can be:

  • Songs that are written in London by artists who don’t belong to London.
  • Songs about New York City.
  • All the tracks that T-Pain features in (but is not the main singer).

7. Life Events

Similar to playlists around events, emotions, and moods, you can also create playlists around certain areas of life. For instance, you can create a playlist with tracks that talk about learning, tradition, growing up, personal development, relationships, family, dreams, life, and death. Plenty of music revolved around the self and society. Therefore, a life-based playlist can be an excellent Spotify playlist theme option.

8. Sounds

Songs have various sounds that you can categorize into playlists. Certain sounds you consider developing a playlist around are acoustic, harmonic, soulful, immersive, upbeat, repetitive, etc.

9. Milestones and Life Events

Making a playlist around a particular milestone or life event can be an excellent way to remember that event for life. You can create playlists on buying your first car, sweet 16, going to college, graduation, etc.

Last Few Words on Spotify Playlist Themes Ideas

There are plenty of Spotify playlist theme possibilities! Remember that a top-notch Spotify playlist theme maintains the right mix of music style, cultural image, and mood to stand out. These elements help attract Spotify users and also make it rank high on Spotify’s search engine.

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