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All You Need to Know about Spotify Radio vs. Playlist

Spotify radio vs. playlist

Spotify Radio vs. Playlist: Music platforms are becoming increasingly popular with features that allow users to not just listen to the music they love but also create their own world of music. Spotify is one of the most widely used music platforms – it’s an excellent place for any music lover or musician.

One of Spotify’s features is Spotify Radio, which automatically creates a playlist based on any song, album, artist, or playlist you choose. This is slightly different from Spotify playlists, where you can compile your favorite tunes into customized playlists for working out, parties, or simply hanging around the house.

In this article, we will take a look at the difference between Spotify Radio and Spotify playlists.

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Spotify Radio vs. Playlist

Spotify Radio is a Spotify-curated playlist that relevantly and smoothly succeeds the mood and genre of a specific playlist, artist, and track. Every Radio playlist is typically a compilation of 50 songs following the same mood of the initial track.

You basically start by choosing a song, playlist, album, artist, or genre that you like. Spotify is going to play that song (or a track from the playlist, album, artist, or genre that you select) and then play a random sequence of songs that belong to the same genre or are by the same artist.

You can either like or dislike the song that plays. Based on your rating, Spotify is going to play more songs that are similar to the ones you like and avoid playing songs that you dislike.

Almost every playlist, artist, and song on Spotify playlist of its own. All Spotify Radio playlists refresh regularly. This way, you won’t be stuck in the same loop of artists and songs.

On the other hand, a Spotify playlist is a list of sound clips or songs that you create yourself. Instead of tapping around Spotify to move from one song to another, you can simply add all your favorite tracks into a single playlist.

How Does Spotify Radio Work?

Here is how Spotify Radio works:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your app and sign in.
  2. Tap Radio on the left-hand menu.
  3. Now tap New Station appearing on the top-right side of the main window.
  4. A new search window will appear. If you don’t type in anything, a list of popular artists will appear. When you start typing, you will see a list of relevant songs, albums, playlists, or artists. Choose one to start a radio station.
  5. In the main window, you will notice the current song playing for the station along with the list of songs that have previously played. When you’ve chosen the current song, click the thumbs-up to like it or the thumbs-down icon to dislike it.
  6. You can have almost 20 radio stations at once. Tap Radio and scroll down to your “Your Stations.” Tap the button in the center of a station to play it, or click X at the top-right side to remove it.

How Does Spotify Playlist Work?

Here’s how Spotify playlist works:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Tap the New Playlist option that appears on the bottom-left side and type the name for your new playlist. Now hit “Enter” on the keyboard.
  3. You can even create a playlist with a song or album by tapping the three dots next to it (or right-clicking on it), moving your mouse over Add to Playlist, and then left-click New Playlist.
  4. To add additional songs to the playlist, click and hold the mouse on a song and drag it to the playlist where you would like to add it. Now release the mouse.
  5. You can even use the method outlined in the third step, but rather than tapping New Playlist, tap the playlist where you would like to add the album or song.

What are the Main Differences?

Spotify Radio is a brilliant feature by Spotify that allows you to follow your musical passion and listen to tracks that match your mood. On the other hand, Spotify playlists allow you to curate a playlist of your favorite songs.

All in all, we hope you found our guide helpful in understanding the difference between Spotify Radio and Spotify playlist and how both of them work.