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Therapy Waiting Room Music

Therapeutic music

Therapy Waiting Room Music: Music can be found in all aspects of life. From your morning drive to school or work, or even a dinner party that you look forward to hosting every month. Even massage therapists play music in the background to help the body relax and de-stress.

Similarly, most clients when waiting in the therapy room face severe anxiety and stress. This is more so for those who have just signed up for their first therapy session and are anxious about what lies ahead. Under such circumstances, having music playing in the background can help create an atmosphere of peace and safety. This is what you want to ensure for your clients to help them address their concerns effectively.

The Types Of Music You Can Play In Your Therapy Waiting Room

Let’s look at a few categories you can explore when it comes to putting together a playlist for your therapy waiting room.

1. Music Without Words

It’s always best to opt for music choices that are devoid of lyrics. This is because there may be certain songs that may have unpleasant memories attached to certain clients. You definitely don’t want to further put them at unease with playing songs having lyrics.

In addition, some lyrics may be too sad and upsetting. It may enhance someone’s moment of sadness, especially if they have just heard some devastating news about a friend or family member. Thus, playing Jazz music is a good way to help lighten the mood in your waiting room. You can even play other instrumental forms of music such as the piano, guitar, or even flute. Just remember to keep it at a moderately low sound level.

2. Music Mimicking The Sounds Of Nature

Sounds of rainfall, waves, and wind can have a soothing effect on the nerves. When played at a low volume, such music can alert the senses and place the body in a state of mental peace. Most therapist waiting rooms have this type of music playing in the background to avoid making their clients uncomfortable by playing the wrong type of music. So, if you are unsure about which music without lyrics would work best, then going for the sounds of nature is something that is sure to work.

Why Choosing The Right Music For Your Therapy Room Matters?

Waiting with therapeutic background music

The therapeutic impact of music cannot be overlooked. Music has been used as a means of calming down the nerves and attaining the desired peace. It has been used for centuries for the powerful influence it has on the mind and soul. Several studies have been conducted to examine and study the extent of these impacts. Some of the most known ones can be listed as follows.

  • Can help the mind de-stress
  • Known to reduce blood pressure
  • Can distract one’s mind from negative thoughts and emotions
  • Has been used to adjust irregular sleeping patterns
  • Music therapy for people with depression have proven to show visible signs of improvement in mood and behavior

How To Help Your Clients Get The Most Of Their Visit

In addition to music, there are a few tips that you can incorporate in your therapy waiting room. To start, you can allow the clients to play their desired music while waiting for their turn. What’s even better, is having your clients make their desired playlist while they wait. This can help keep them distracted till their session begins. 

In addition, it is important to note that everyone has different preferences and tastes for music types. For some, surreal and mellow music may aggravate their anxiety more. Thus, to create a welcoming and safe environment, having the option of choosing music as per their liking can help.

Easing The Mind And Body With Music For All!

With the guide towards integrating music into your therapy waiting room out of the way, you can now engage in creating a valuable and pleasant experience for your clients. To make this process even more effortless you can browse recommendations of royalty-free music from AnyMusicDownloads.

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