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Top 10 Background Music YouTubers Use

Top 10 background music YouTubers use

YouTubers sure know how to find background music for their videos. They definitely know what is good background music for videos. The theme has become so popular that there are parades of this kind of phenomenon. I can’t lie it didn’t get me interested and curious, and this is why I decided to pick up the glove, research, and introduce you to the top 10 background music YouTubers use.

Before we get started, here are some things you probably want to know if you plan on using background music for your YouTube videos.

Do You Have to Worry About Copyright Issues on your YouTube Background Music?

One of the most common and crucial things that YouTube considers is the issue of copyright. Your video will be given a streak or removed from the site for copyright claims. This thing is also applicable to other social media sites such as Facebook and search engines such as Google. Therefore, it is advisable that you only use content that you have created yourself to avoid flagging and removing the content from the internet.

If you have several cases due to copyright, then you can have your account completely blocked. To prevent such scenarios, you must acknowledge the owner of the content in whatever you are posting. If your video has background music, you should mention the copyright owner in it.

Girl playing top 10 background music YouTubers use

Suppose you don’t want to use a song or music with copyrights. In that case, there are non-copyright songs that you can download from YouTube Audio Library, SoundCloud, Jamendo, or any other site that offers free or payable non-copyrighted music.

If you are curious to know more about the rules and procedures of using background audio on google’s biggest video-sharing platform, read our comprehensive guide on how and if you can use royalty-free music on YouTube. Also, here’s what Google has to say about them.

Now, let us dive into the top ten tracks that YouTubers use the most when making their videos.

List of Top 10 Background Music YouTubers Use

A video of the Top 10 background music on YouTube

1. Successful Venture (Corporate)

If you are doing a video explaining a particular service to potential buyers, this is a good jam. Its use by YouTubers has grown since it appropriately fits under a dialogue. Other people use it when they are doing documentaries.

2. Bright and Happy (Ukelele)

In most scenarios, this song is used by YouTubers who are posting on playful animals. A good example is puppies or kittens playing together. The good thing is that the music is beautiful and can is usable in the product description.

3. Turn It Up (Retro/Gamer)

This music is commonly used by YouTubers who want to share tips on doing something. You could also use it to help your viewers know the hacks of doing something. A good example is when posting a video on hacks to opening up screws deep inside something. The music keeps the viewer in awe of what will happen next.

4. Epic Destruction (Epic orchestral)

This is a powerful piece that has a cinematic feeling. It gives the illusion of a great choir with huge drums and classical strings, creating a tension that every viewer wants to get to the end. The background music can be used for corporate videos, adverts, or idents.

5. Motivate and Inspire (Corporate)

This is a good choice, especially when you are doing corporate promotional videos, branding videos, recruitment videos, or social media videos for corporate. Many companies also use it when they are doing a company profile or an internal communication video.

6. Glitched Out (Breakbeat)

This track is modern and cool, and many YouTubers have adopted it. It is mainly used by those who post videos on training. A good example is when the video owner wants to train you to sharpen a knife using a ceramic mug.

7. Guardians of Oceanus (Epic Orchestral)

This track keeps the viewer listening and can be used for corporate videos, advertisements, and idents. It could also make good background when you are making a documentary on history.

8. The Happy Life (Ukulele)

This one of the Top 10 background music YouTubers use. It is hard not to nod your head or move a bit along with the beats when listening to it. In most cases, it is used for cat videos, but that does not stop you from using it when making a video of kids having fun.

9. Chasing Palm Trees (Ehrling)

This is a vibrant track, and you can use it when making an advertisement video or training video. It could be a great idea if you use it when making a video on a DIY project.

10. Happy Go Lucky (Ukulele)

This is another famous that you can use to make educational videos. It is an exciting musical for kids who are learning science on YouTube.

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