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Tourism Background Music: Top Tips to Pick the Right Tunes for Travel Videos

Tourism Background Music

Tourism Background Music: Raise your hands if you’ve traveled vicariously through travel vlogs and immersive tour ads during the pandemic. We’re all guilty of binge-watching cinematic videos shared by globetrotters across various digital platforms. Not sure if you noticed, but the tourism background music was the heartbeat of these virtual adventures.

No matter where the travel video transported you, the expressive power of music kept you hooked to the screen.

Now that borders are opening up and travel is becoming a possibility, aspiring travel vloggers and tourism-based businesses should brush up on their musical knowledge. If you belong to any of these categories, continue reading.

We’re about to share some musical hacks that ensure your next travel video keeps viewers captivated.

Here’s all you need to know:

#1. Royalty-Free Music Is the Only Way to Go

Rule numero uno of selecting tourism background music: get out of your head. We are all guilty of relying on things we know. It’s why our favorite mainstream artists become the background vocals of our recorded videos.

Unfortunately for travel vloggers and businesses, embedding copyrighted music in commercial videos has legal consequences. Due to this, you might wind up paying a hefty price for using the soundtracks you love. Despite the edgy think pieces on copyright laws after the recent Olivia Rodrigo copyright controversy, there are some rules you can’t bend.

Therefore, as a globetrotting vlogger (or commercial ad maker), your best bet will be to rely on alternate royalty-free music for your travel videos. It puts you at an advantage because music libraries and single-licensing platforms have countless original pieces ready for use. These sites ( ours included)  let users select tracks they like and pay for them once.

As a result, you get killer beats at a budgeted price with no legal strings attached.

Musical Note: Confused about copyright laws? Here’s How to Find Out If a Song is Copyrighted with this step-by-step guide.

#2. Let Your Footage Lead You to the RIGHT Music

Tourism Background Music

Now that we’ve covered the boring licensing stuff, let’s deep dive into the heart of the matter; finding the perfect track for your travel video. Once again, adding genres you listen to can prove erroneous if you don’t think things through.

For example, if you enjoy heavy rock metal music, that’s great for you but not your travel video. Effective tourism background music should synchronize with the scenic shots you’ve captured. Using the vocals or even beats of a heavy rock metal band could clash with the poignant narrative of your travel story.

Not to mention the jarring effect it has on the eardrums of some sensitive viewers.

In other words, your Spotify Wrapped playlist isn’t the best muse for this venture. You’ve got to step away from the regulars and dabble with video-oriented symphonies. The most binge-worthy Lonely Planet travel videos are a great example of this project. Each video showcases how folk music, regional beats, and soulful sounds add an exotic flair to the footage. You can follow suit by listening to local artists during your trip to set the mood as soon as your camera starts rolling.

Moreover, always play raw footage with selected numbers before embedding any music. Doing this can ensure that your chosen content flows with the video. Otherwise, even a destination-inspired soundtrack would do a disservice to your beautiful videography.

#3. Don’t Let Lyrics Drown Your Message

Tourism background music can have lyrics, and they can be solely instrumental. Your choice should align with the narrative you want to share. Travel videos with sound bites and voice overs can go without vocal tracks. That’s because the lyrics can often prove disruptive when you or the person you’re interviewing speaks.

Therefore, it’s a risky move that can go massively wrong when you want to share a thought-provoking video or a narrative travel diary with your target audience. If you like a vocal track, search for its instrumental version and combine both tracks in your video. You can use the lyrical song for scenes without voiceovers and instrumental pieces for scenes that include narration.

This tactic gives you the best of both worlds without taking away from the travel story you wish to share.

Music Note: Learn all about adding background music for video projects from the holy grail of video editing software (aka Adobe).

#4. Get Creative with Tourism Background Music Editing

If you’re still stuck on what music works and what doesn’t, watch a couple of more travel vlogs and commercials to gain some wisdom. Our little dive led us to Cinematic Travel Vlogs by Benn TK, who draws you in with his immersive adventures. Observe how he uses varying tracks and beats to transition from fast cuts to slow-motion shots seamlessly.

Use him (and other globetrotters) as the benchmark of your project.

Here’s a cheat sheet that can help:

  • Select upbeat music for dramatic and fast cuts
  • Opt for slower sounds to convey meaningful messages
  • Use similar-sounding tracks if your selected tracks are shorter than the recorded footage
  • Fade the music in and out to incorporate sound bites
  • Turn to the tourism background music down a notch (preferably -2 to -16 dB) to limit disruptions

Lastly, cut music according to the beat of the tracks you select. It helps create cleaner transitions that align with the final footage. Once again, watch the video with the music to ensure they work well together. Modify the content accordingly. You can rope in family and friends as your sounding board before making the final cut.

Music Note:  If you’re looking for more cool tips on tourism background music, you should watch How to choose Music for Travel Videos // 3 Tips. The hacks shared above are elaborated from a travel videographer’s perspective.

Ready to Take the Travel World by the Storm?

Impactful tourism background music tracks have the power to turn average videos into an internet sensation. They can be your ticket to becoming the next big thing in the travel industry.

Imagine getting millions of views overnight, paid proposals, and positive feedback from virtual friends and strangers. Every travel vlogger and travel agency aspires to achieve these goals whenever they post a video. With the right music, these wistful goals can be your reality.

Don’t waste another moment. Put on your headphones to get creative with your search for some mind-blowing tourism background music!

Until next time.

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