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TunePocket Royalty-Free Music Review – August 2021

TunePocket Review 2021

TunePocket is a popular music-licensing platform among videographers, freelancers, vloggers, video creators, marketers, and filmmakers. If you’re in one of these slots above, you may want to read our comprehensive review on TunePocket, its Pros & Cons, and what exactly do you get for what you pay.

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Let’s get started with TunePocket review.

What is TunePocket?

TunePocket is basically a huge music library made for video creators, founded in 2016. It contains thousands of music tracks and sound effects by mood, genres, instruments, playlist, and trending tracks.

Sound effects and royalty-free music are available through a yearly subscription or can be purchased individually.

Downloads can be used for projects such as social media ads, documentaries, podcasts, commercial videos, audiobooks, paid freelance work, and vlogs.

Unlimited downloads are available for thousands of sound effects, loops, and music tracks with new music available daily.

How TunePocket is Different From Any Other Music Licensing Platform?

TunePocket is known for its quality vs. cost value of music. Many marketers and video photographers/editors use TunePocket to download royalty-free music for their videos at very cheap prices compared to other music licensing companies. They save almost 50% using TunePockets, instead of the big libraries such as Artlist or PremiumBeat.

Subscriptions and Plans

TunePocket offers both subscriptions for unlimited downloads and individual downloads for smaller projects. Subscriptions can be changed at any time.

TunePocket Personal Subscription Review

The personal option provides unlimited access to the TunePocket catalog. This includes music, sound effects, and loops.

Subscriptions can be canceled if the needs of the user change.

Music can be used for commercial projects or personal projects including monetized YouTube channels and freelance work.

TunePocket Business Subscription Review

The business option provides access to royalty-free music, sound effects, and loops and can be canceled at any time.

Music can be used for commercials in addition to for-sale projects including unlimited revenue and sales such as:

• Paid client projects
• Advertisements
• For sale games and film
• Corporate marketing videos

Commercial license subscriptions are available for streaming apps and video editing on demand.

Pay As You Go Subscription

The Pay As You Go option includes:

• Downloading any five audio files
• No recurring payments
• Purchase once, use forever
• No deadlines for downloads
• Can be used for both non-commercial and commercial projects


For the variety of plans alone, this TunePocket review is good. Of the three plans available, there are two annual options and one pay-as-you-go. Savings are available with TunePocket discounts reflected in the prices below.

Personal Plan Pricing

The most basic plan available is the Personal Plan. The retail cost is $99 per year. TunePocket is offering discounts including two additional free months. This is a savings of $16.50. This plan is recommended for:

• You Tubers
• Marketers
• Small business owners
• Video creators
• Videographers
Game developers

Business Plan Pricing

The Business Plan is a significant upgrade from the Personal Plan. The retail cost is $199 per year.

Tunpocket is offering discounts including two additional months for free. This is a savings of $33.

The Business Plan is recommended for individuals representing organizations, incorporated businesses, and commercial businesses.

Pay As You Go Pricing

The retail cost of the Pay As You Go option is a one-time fee of $39.

This is not a recurring charge and enables the user to download five songs.

SFX, Sound Effects, and Short Clips

TunePocket SFX & short audio clips audit

Let’s dig into the juicy part of our TunePocket review for vloggers and YouTubers: SFX and short clips.


The SFX category is special effects, visual tricks, and illusions popular for the industries of:

• Film
• Theater
• Television
• Simulators
• Video games

Stories or imagined events within a virtual world can be simulated.

The majority of special effects are split between two categories, optical effects, and mechanical effects. More recently, a category has been created for sound effects.

Although there were originally only a few hundred choices, the options are currently expanding on a daily basis.

Short Clips

The TunePocket music licensing platform offers a specific category for shorter clips ideal for video intros or commercials.

There is a massive number of short clips available suitable for virtually any type of commercial.

Simple Licensing

Tiered licenses are available through a wide range of music libraries depending on how the content is used.

Licensing is simpler with TunePocket because almost all usage is covered under one license.

TunePocket music can be used and reused for both commercial and personal media projects.

The license includes the majority of offline and online uses including:

• Presentations
• Events
• public announcement ads

The TunePocket license is especially useful for freelancers. Once the licensing certificate is downloaded, it can be shared with clients to prove all licensing is proper.

Music Searches and Downloads

The official TunePocket home page enables users to search for music in a variety of different ways. If the user is searching for something specific, keywords can be used.

Categories can also be used for browsing with each track previewed individually.

The thumbnail includes a general category listing in addition to the length of the track, genre ranges, and sound waves to enable users to know what to expect prior to listening to the music.

The music will not begin until the play button is clicked. The next step is scrolling through all of the results.

Once the user finds something among the genres that are interesting, they simply click.

The results can also be filtered according to genre, length, category, tempo, instruments, or mood. When the ideal track is located, clicking the name will bring the user to the correct page.

At this point, a lot of additional information is revealed about the track including the author of the tract and recommended tracts due to similarities.

This enables the user to browse through other music. All of the information, instruments, and categories can be clicked so everything can be browsed from there.

Once a track has been selected, it can be downloaded using either the WAV or MP3 format.

One of the advantages of a subscription plan is the ability to preview several different tracks for commercial work without any concerns that changes will be requested by the client. This eliminates the need to pay a separate fee for every track.

TunePocket Pros & Cons

TunePocket pros and cons


• Excellent pricing
• Licensing is royalty-free and simple
• Flexibility
• Unlimited projects
• Membership plans are flexible
• Option for Pay As You Go
• Universal license
• Lifetime use


• A larger library would be even better
• Improvements could be made to the interface

The Final Word

Although certain clients or customers may require more expensive custom composed or licensed music, TruePocket is an excellent way to obtain high-quality music for personal use including YouTube or smaller budgets.

If uncertain about the music available, there is no need to sign up just to browse through the selection.

For those with a subscription, TruePocket offers a fair return policy.

The music licensing platform, sound effects, and music are excellent. In comparison to similar platforms, the pricing is more than fair.

There is a good download speed and users can choose from a wide range of sound effects and music.

For anyone interested in receiving the most from their money, the Business Plan is a great value at $199. The range of sound effects and music accessible is worth every penny.

What are your thoughts on our TunePocket review? Leave a comment below or contact us.

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