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5 Best Video Production Summer Programs for High School Students

video production summer programs for high school students

Video Production Summer Programs for High School Students: Creative high schoolers with a passion for storytelling might just find their niche in the interesting world of filmmaking. There are several opportunities in this industry that allow students to handle professional equipment such as lights, cameras, and editing software. The coursework of such programs generally entails creative screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, acting, and photography.

Here is a list of the top video production summer programs for high school students.

1. Video Production Summer Camp by Education Unlimited

Video Production Camp is a fast-paced, hands-on program that allows students to work directly with professionals in the field of video and film production. In this summer program, students learn to utilize graphics, titles, voice-over, music, and live-action video. At the same time, they build on their communication, leadership, creative design, and project management skills.

A professional team of instructors with over two decades of experience in television, film, and video production will guide students through an engaging and challenging educational experience. An entire program of elective activities, dynamic programs, and the most advanced video production technology provides students with a nurturing environment.

2. Filmmaking Program by USC Cinematic Arts

The oldest and most prolific film school in the US offers a Summer Program that allows you to enrich your knowledge of screenwriting, filmmaking, computer animation, or television/film business. If you want to polish your craft or improve your knowledge of video production, you can apply it in any of the class offerings that cover various aspects of the entertainment industry.

The Summer Program classes are taught by leading industry professionals in two separate sessions spanning over six weeks. You can spend time in USCs state-of-the-art campus attending classes on editing, filmmaking, animation, video production, interactive game design, writing, and a lot more.

Apart from having access to the School’s unmatched equipment and facilities, students of the Summer Program will have several unique opportunities to explore. Applicants over the age of 16 and from across the world can apply to this program.

3. Summer Film Academy by Chapman University

High school student attending a video production summer program

Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has a two-week collaborative, creative, and comprehensive program for high school students during the summers.

In the two weeks, students are completely immersed in the filmmaking and video production world through film screenings, class discussions, guest speakers, along with video production in small groups. They get a thorough insight into filmmaking while being taught by the Dodge faculty and getting mentorship by alumni and current students. The students will also work in peer groups to produce short digital projects that will be presented to families online on the last day of the program.

4. Teen Filmmaking Camps by New York Film Academy

Whether you want to pursue a career in video production and filmmaking or wish to acquire these applicable and practical skills, New York Film Academy’s film camps are great for everyone interested in creating films.

In all New York Film Academy summer film camps for high schoolers, every student writes, directs, shoots, and edits their own films. Their film camps are especially designed for individuals who don’t have any prior experience in video production. These programs are focused on the basic components of visual storytelling that allow the students to take charge of their projects.

During New York Film Academy’s teen film camps, every weekday is divided between on-set production and in-class instruction. The subjects are taught both in classrooms and on set, where students get a chance to apply the lessons they learned in the classroom to an actual film set.

Regardless of which program you apply to, you will learn more in just one week than some learn in a month by being on set and acquiring first-hand experience working on actual video productions.

5. SOCAPA Summer Film Camps for Teens

SOCAPA combines the best of exciting summer camps and elite film programs. They currently have six different filmmaking and video production programs for students aged between 13 and 18. They offer the Core Filmmaking Program for new students and a one-week Filmmaking Bootcamp for those who have limited time on their hands.

Apply to the Video Production Summer Camps to Make Your Summer Meaningful!

Make your summer more fun, exciting, and meaningful by applying to these video production programs! These programs will take your video production passion forward and allow you to work on real-life video production sets. You can use the following resources to learn more about Video Production.

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