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What is a Good Background Music for Videos? Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing Background Music

Understanding what is a good background music for videos

Using background music to accompany a video production is quite valuable. While the images in a video are generally the center, music is an essential component of this medium’s appeal. One of the most ingenious and overlooked components of a captivating video is the use of background music. However, choosing suitable music for your video can be a taxing decision. So what is considered a piece of good background music for videos?

Background music is incorporated in videos for merely complementary reasons. The wrong choice in background music can overshadow the message you intend to relay to the audience by causing a distraction. It should be passively listened to by the audience and when done right, it will unconsciously engage the audience, allowing them to grasp your message better. This makes background music an important storytelling tool. Incorporating music in your videos helps to:

  • Set the mood and tone you want to convey in your video and inspires emotion
  • Improves your content by making it more exciting and compelling
  • It elevates the quality of your video by making it more cohesive

So, What is a Good Background Music for Videos?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing the background music you want to use for your video. Read more: Where to Download the Best Background Music for Football Videos

Here are some key factors that should inform your decision on what is a good background music for videos.

  • Target Audience
  • The type of emotion you want to evoke in your video
  • Proper understanding of what genres are best for background music
  • Project goals
  • Budget
Man playing good background music for a video

Music can invoke a wide array of emotions, so a proper understanding of your video’s goal will help you easily narrow down your choice. For this reason, some music categories are better suited for a video whose aim is to educate, inspire and engage the audience than others.

There are a plethora of possibilities for making your production distinctive and entertaining whether you want to be humorous, extreme, no-nonsense, or just educational. Making the right choice in background music will help you get there. Here are a few background music genres you should master.

Ambient Background Music

Ambient music is a genre that places a greater emphasis on tone over the conventional musical composition and rhythm. As a result of this technique, ambient music is calm and relaxing. In addition, ambient music is repetitive and non-intrusive, making it excellent background music for videos.

Ethnic and Tribal Background Music

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Using ethnic and tribal music on your video project will elevate it due to the genre’s ability to paint mental pictures of its origin and culture to its listeners. Ethnic and tribal music whether it is African drums, the gentle tones of Japanese strings, or the sorrowful sounds of South American pan pipes, can awaken powerful emotions even to audiences who have not interacted with any of these cultures. This genre can easily transform your video into a masterpiece by giving it perspective. Audiences are thought to expect to hear certain sounds based on the origin or the setting of your video project and can end up disappointed if they fail to experience this. If your video production project is in a cultural or historical environment, using ethnic and tribal background music is an excellent choice to make. Traditional music is essential in conveying how certain communities live.

Acoustic Guitar and Strings Background Music

Acoustic and strings music is primarily peaceful and relaxing and can portray serenity or calmness or evoke tranquil emotion. Therefore, it is versatile and can be used in various projects, ranging from interviews, tutorials, and instructional videos to yoga and meditation videos. A warm, engaging melody draws your audience into what feels like an intimate environment keeping them engaged throughout the video.

Classical Music \ Opera

Numerous scientific studies have suggested that listening to classical music offers various psychological advantages, like enhancing your mood, boosting creativity and productivity. Classical music has stood the test of time, and it is ageless, refined, and exquisite. Classical music can generate powerful emotions, fantasies, and passions that engage audiences in ways other genres cannot, making it superior. Using classical music as the background of your video production lends elegance and grace to your work, as well as a sense of importance and refinement.

Dramatic Melodies

Dramatic music is used to add intensity and to capture the drama in videos. Music plays an effective role in making a scene feel realistic to the audience by adding suspense.

House and Electronic Pieces

House and electronic music are upbeat, vibrant, energetic, and vivacious, suitable for a wide variety of videos. They are great for videos with a cheerful or energetic setting like workout videos, dance projects, or a video covering a social event.

Where Can You Find Good Background Music for Your Video?

Popular music streaming channels like YouTube or SoundCloud offer a variety of music pieces you can listen to or download for free. However, most are for private use only. If you are planning to publish your videos publicly, the best option is to purchase a license for copyrighted-free music, that will serve you with an almost completely free hand.

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