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What is Corel VideoStudio Video Editing Software & How to Use it?

Understanding Corel VideoStudio

What is Corel VideoStudio? Corel VideoStudio is a versatile video editing program for Microsoft devices. This software hosts a ton of great features and can compete with other video editing heavyweights such as VEGAS Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

Let’s examine Corel VideoStudio in more detail and what makes it so special.

What is Corel VideoStudio?

Corel VideoStudioPro is a video editing software from Corel. This software was initially released as Ulead VideoStudio 4 in 1999. It went through many updates over the years before ending up with the name Corel Ulead VideoStudio 11 plus in 2007. The latest version released in 2021 is Corel VideoStudio Pro 2021.

What are Corel VideoStudio’s Features?

Corel VideoStudio offers many of the great features that are standard on most video editing software. This includes:

An Easy to Understand Video Editing Layout

Users can find all the tools needed to edit their videos separated into three tabs:

  • Capture
  • Edit
  • Share

The Capture tab allows you to record and import video clips. The Edit tab is where most of the actual editing such as re-arranging, re-sizing, and modifying clips will occur. You can also find a familiar looking timeline at the bottom of your Edit page. The Share tab is where you can export and share your finished clip with the world.

An Array of Video Editing Tools

As mentioned earlier, Corel VideoStudio offers as many video editing tools as big name competitors such as VEGAS Pro and Final Cut Pro X. This includes:

  • Video trim, crop, resize, and rotate tools.
  • Lens corrections to remove visual distortions from action cameras or wide angle lenses.
  • Color correction clips for adjusting light temperature
  • The ability to create unique effects
  • A wide range of Instant Project Templates, transitions, filters, and title presets.

The Ability to Create Instant Slideshows

Corel VideoStudio’s 2021 version also includes a special “Highlight Reel” function. This uses AI-based facial recognition technology to create a slideshow after automatically selecting your best photos and clips. This saves you the trouble of having to create slideshows manually and offers fun randomness to the end product.

Adding Custom Animations Quickly

Corel VideoStudio’s latest pro version

The latest version offers a host of in-video animation features. Users can create and edit the movement of their graphics, titles, shapes, and overlays. These objects can be made to move along a path using different controls.

Users can also create stop motion animation films using automatic capture settings and special on-screen guides. These make the stop motion animation process less tedious so that users can focus on unleashing their inner creativity.

Video Editing in 360o

VideoStudio 2021 also lets users edit their videos in 360o. They can trim, add titles, enhance, and add music to 360o videos in their timeline. Users can also add some funky perspective to their 360o videos by applying Rabbit Hole and Tiny Hole panorama effects.

Recording, Editing, and Mixing Audio

Sound is just as important as visuals in a video. The good news is that Corel’s VideoStudio 2021 offers a host of great tools for recording, editing, and mixing audio. Users can also select from any of the hundreds of sound effects that come with the software if they want to spice things up.

VideoStudio allows users to trim, mute, and layer their audio tracks seamlessly to make the sound editing process quick and simple. It also includes special voiceover tools to make adding narrations, additional dialogue, and other clips incredibly easy.

Is Corel VideoStudio Worth It?

Corel VideoStudio’s Pro version retails for $79.99 while the Ultimate version retails for $99.99. Both versions are cheaper than similarly capable software such as VEGA Pro, which costs $16.67/month, and Final Cut Pro X, which costs $299.

VideoStudio’s modest price doesn’t mean it lacks in the feature department. This software is a powerful video editor that goes toe-to-toe with big name competitors. Its layout is intuitive and encourages users to have fun with the often-tedious video editing process.

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