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What is Royalty Free Music (or: Non-Copyrighted Music)?

All you need to know about royalty free music

Do you know that sometimes we need to use original soundtracks for our video projects, but not all of us can afford the cost? Fortunately, there are some places where it’s possible to find Royalty Free Music tracks and buy them without paying royalties on top!

The short answer to the question “what is royalty-free music” is – If you are looking to create a podcast, film soundtrack or another type of commercial release, royalty free music is the way to go.

The extended answer to the question you can get by scrolling down in this post.

What “Royalty-Free” stands for in terms of Music?

Many digital property owners and marketers are looking for different sounds and music clips for their videos. Since royalty-free music started, it’s been a huge hit for companies and freelancers that don’t have the budget to sign big-name artists.

The problem is that no piece of music is legitimate to use when it is copyrighted. That means anyone who wants their video to have a musical piece has to hold a license in order to use it.

Music for use in user-generated content, commercials, or other projects.

Royalty free music means, as the name suggests, a type of license that means you don’t have to pay any royalties when using it no matter how many times your project goes viral.

Many also refer to this type of music as:

  • Non-copyrighted music
  • Stock music
  • Free download music
  • Free music archive
  • Free music for videos
  • No royalty music licenses

What is the Popular Purpose of Using Royalty-Free Music?

Music is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing, not only are they entertaining but it can also help influence how people feel about the brand.
The mood of the music in videos influences what we think and experience as consumers making them an important part of any advertising campaign.

Royalty-free music and Stock Music is a way to link musical pieces to marketing companies and freelancers who are looking to blend their videos with art, to create an emotion-based experience which expands the conversions.

How to Find These Musical Sections

Royalty free music studio

Many people are looking for copyright-free music for their projects, and with the right tools and platforms, they can find it.

For a project that requires stock music, there are several places to turn. One option is our website, which features extensive selections of royalty-free music with various genres and moods among other things for filmmakers who need an idea song or background track but doesn’t have the time or budget to create something themselves from scratch – all they’ll need is some basic information about what kind of scene it’s meant to accompany along with any specific criteria like tempo range, instrumentation needs (e.g., brass), etcetera.”

Does Holding the License Means You OWN the Music?

Whether royalty-free music is for personal or professional use depends on the license you purchase. Some licenses allow for commercial production, while others are not allowed to be used in a business setting without permission from the copyright holder. Either way, the licenses are made for use only, and that means you do not own the music as an artist, but only have the permission to use it.

Tracks Length (Average)

Music that is royalty-free can be both short and long, depending on what you need it for. For example, if you are using background music in a video meant to promote your business or company online then the length of the song needs to fit within YouTube‘s time constraints as well as follow copyright law so most songs will not exceed 3 minutes. However, if this same music was being used strictly for personal use such an advertising campaign would no longer matter because there could actually be some benefits from having more than just one minute’s worth of sound.

Learn more about how you can use royalty free music on YouTube.

A Wide Range of Music Genres to Use in Video Projects

As a video producer, you’re often tasked with the important job of creating videos for your company. However, it’s not always easy to find music that blends well in a professional setting. Luckily there are tons of different types and genres available! From chill jazz to upbeat indie pop-rock tunes – we’ve got something perfect just for you no matter how specific or vague your needs might be. For example, if you need some “festival vibes,” then look out our playlists and find your best tune.

Start Reviving your Marketing Campaigns

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The Small Print of Royalty Free Music

While you now have some perspective on what royalty free music is, it is equally important to understand the angles around it and the rules of using it for private or commercial purposes. You can read our blog or start with our most helpful informational articles to help you get familiar with the world of Royalty-Free Music: