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Where to Get Royalty Free Music? The 10 Best Sources in 2021

Where to get Royalty Free Music

In the music industry, there is a big difference when it comes to using music as your own that others have created. When the music is labeled as royalty free, then the whole ballgame changes. Of course, it is nice to have great music to listen to as long as you know where to get royalty free music.

When you plan great music you are able to snatch the attention of the audience and elicit different sentiments that the music can be associated with.

Knowing where to get royalty free music allows you to capture attention, make an impact, and convince others with it. Regardless of what you use the music for, you need to know where to get royalty free music from.

The Best Sources to Get Royalty Free Music Now

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If you’re looking for a copyright-free soundtrack to your next video, we recommend reading our guide on how you can use royalty-free music on YouTube. If you want to add audio to your YouTube video, the easiest way is using YouTube Audio Library.

Ready? Here we go, our list of the best royalty-free music libraries in 2021.

1. Audioblocks

The audioblocks service provides access that is unlimited and you get to choose from over 100K music selections. Having this much music available allows you to find the perfect music option. Also, you are not limited to the number of downloads of each song you want. The songs can be used for projects that are both commercial and personal and the site updates the song selection constantly, which allows for new song selections every day.

Navigating the site can seem awkward as compared to other music provides. The song selection is easy and you can choose the songs manually o be prompted along the way. The prompts are nice because they allow you to base the song on moods or instruments as part of the choosing process. The prices for the service are reasonable and can be as low as $80 per month and as high as $150 per year.

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2. AudioJungle

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Songs though AudioJungle makes it easy to know where to get royalty free music and can be obtained cheaply and can be no more than $1 each. Each genre is available, which ranges from instrumental songs all the way to heavy grunge. Besides the songs themselves, many effects and kits are available. No matter the type of audio you are in search of, many choices can be selected to fit your needs. Every month AudioJungle gives away free items to show their appreciation. If you want, you can also use the music you generate yourself through the Envato Market.

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3. PremiumBeat

The PremiumBeat provides some of the best music consisting of a huge collection. So when you’re trying to figure out where to get royalty free music, head over to PremiumBeat. Together with many experts on staff, you have access to more than 10K music selections, which can be grouped by length, artist, gene, beats, or mood you want to set. With their music experts, they help you choose the best songs by developing a playlist of the best that they have to offer.

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4. Epidemic Sound

The good thing about collaborations is that the songs can be heard on platforms such as YouTube. They can also have the potential to be viewed by millions. With more than 750 music albums generated, they can guarantee that the song you need can be found so you’ll always know where to get royalty free music.

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5. Artlist

Royalty-free music library you can get

As you decide on where to get royalty free music, keep artlist on your mind as they give exposure to the newest artists to hit the indie scene. They have also assisted some top brands with company tacks that have helped to promote their products. Plus, You can easily filter the music tracks by genre, tempo, mood, instrument, duration, and theme.

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6. Music Vine

With more than 165 collaborations with indie artists, Music Vine easily produces close to 3,000 music tracks, which can be grouped by duration, style, energy, mood, and vocals. Music Vine also organizes music collections specifically for movie themes and separates them based on environment, vibe, gene, and theme. Also, an area of the website is also devoted to the artists themselves so that others may learn more about their music.

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7. Soundstripe

Having partnerships with more than 85 artists says a lot and being able to select the songs by beats, key, instruments, vocals, pace, mood, duration, or genre makes it even better. They have many selections available and gathered more than 55 song playlists specifically for weddings, action, and sport genres.

Soundstripe allows the user to develop personal playlists, like the songs they hear and follow the individual artist all through their own account. Sound effects are also available for videos as there are more than 30 classifications to choose from, which include thrillers and traffic.

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8. Filmstro

Filmstro lets you know where to get royalty free music by sharing it all with you throughout their 65 groups broken down by palette, mood, type, and genre. Plus, customizations can be done on individual tracks based on the power, momentum, and song depth. Having this ability allows you to be creative while developing the song soundtrack.

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9. Pond5

Getting or downloading royalty free music online

With Pond5 you get the biggest library of royalty free music not found anywhere else. As you will see, knowing where to get royalty free music will not be an issue with Pond5. Having half a million music tacks spanning 36 areas of music makes it easy to create music for no matter what you need.

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10. ccMixter

The method that ccMixter uses is very though and is used a lot in the royalty free music world. Collaborations occur all the time while musicians upload instrumental samples, producers mix the songs, and singers provide their own acapellas. There are more than 125 available tracks, which can be used for gaming, films, or in commercials. Once you know where to get royalty free music, such as ccMixter, you’ll have the most creative tool available for soundtracks.

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