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The 4 Worst Spotify Ads of All Times

Worst Spotify Ads

Worst Spotify Ads: Since its release in 2006, Spotify has saved many the trouble of converting their favorite songs on YouTube to MP3 versions or possibly going to jail for a pirated version of the new Coldplay song. Could you imagine the embarrassment? However, every excellent app and platform comes with its drawbacks. Almost all social media apps have incorporated ads in the free versions of their platform, and while we don’t mind that, some ads make us want to pull our hair out and scream bloody murder! We’ve compiled a list of the worst Spotify ads that have convinced us to get the premium subscription more than a gazillion times.

The Worst Spotify Ads in History

Almost all Spotify ads, at some point in time, become intolerable either because they’re too loud or they play in a loop two or three times before we can continue listening to music. However, some ads have specifically left a dark, sinister mark on our souls and have convinced a plethora of users to shift from their freemium account to a premium one. The following are some of the worst Spotify ads that you might come across or not (if you’re lucky):

1. The Spotify Girl

Spotify ads sound like they were intentionally made to be annoying so the public would be convinced (read: forced) to buy the premium subscription. Either that or delete their account altogether. However, the Spotify Girl ad is so excruciatingly painful that you’ll find many people talking about it on discussion polls and platforms. You hear the Spotify girl talk about you not being able to skip a few tracks and are unable to mute, lower the volume of, or skip her ad. The Spotify girl ads have, by many people, been deemed the worst ads in history.

2. The Bizarre Music Suggestions

It’s painful enough that you can’t listen to more than four songs on the free version of Spotify without getting interrupted by an ad, but what makes it even more intolerable are the bizarre music suggestions you get in between. Spotify will play an ad entailing random genres of music that you would simply never listen to and force you to listen to them on max volume and suggest you give it a try. Given that Spotify has an algorithm to tailor each user’s experience on the app, it should know who would listen to death metal and who would rather chill to country music. The bizarre music suggestions are possibly one of the worst Spotify ads you’ll encounter on this platform.


Worst Spotify ad

This Spotify ad will take you by surprise as it’s awfully quiet in the beginning, and then suddenly the beat drops, and everyone screams at the top of their lungs. The Spotify party ad will make you want to throw your phone away and never listen to music again. What’s even more cringe-worthy is the woman screaming “YAAAASSSSS” at full volume, which will make you want to reach her through your phone and land a punch. Somehow all of this is connected to Spotify premium at the end, and you’re encouraged to buy the subscription package. If you have never come across an ad that makes no sense, this one will surprise you most painfully.

4. “So I… Uhhh….”

 “So I… Uhhh… Well, I just wanted to say… You know, the thing is, I was kinda wondering… if you wanted to… *weird techno music plays* Lost for words? Share a song.”

This is by far the most awkward and cringe-worthy Spotify ad ever. Not only does it not make any sense, but it’s also so cringe-worthy that most people have deleted their account to never listen to this ad again. Why would someone who is at a loss for words be searching for songs on Spotify to communicate with others? If this wasn’t purposefully made this awkward and annoying, there’s something horribly wrong with the platform’s creative and marketing teams.

Dishonorable Mentions

There are several other advertisements that can be added to our list of the worst Spotify ads, depending on where you live. We couldn’t have ended this blog without including the “UMMM…YESSS PLEASE” and “On-Fleek!” Spotify ads. Which are some of the worst Spotify ads you have heard on your account? Let us know, and we’ll add it to our upcoming list of bad ads!

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